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  1. Taco Town
    Help Richard Dreyfuss Find His Favorite TacoThe actor can’t remember the name of his Echo Park lonchero.
  2. Foodievents
    The Offspring Are Holding a Taco Eating Contest Today With Takeru KobayashiThe Huntington Beach band is setting up at their hometown location of Chronic Tacos.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Taco Truck Tragedy Kills Two in Boyle HeightsA drunk driver being pursued by police injured three others while destroying the lonchera.
  4. Taco Town
    Missing Fox Exec May Just Be On a Statewide Taco CrawlGavin Smith was last spotted at Morro Bay’s Taco Temple.
  5. Taco Town
    Dante’s Fried Chicken Does Parking Lot TacosDFC Tacos will serve fried chicken tacos on a black sesame tortilla and Guinness-smoked brisket.
  6. Taco Town
    L.A.’s King Taco Sues Boston’s King TacosTacos are tearing the country apart.
  7. Taco Town
    Calle Tacos Comes to Hollywood Blvd.The restaurant is operated with help from the Villaseñor family of Tacos Don Chente.
  8. Taco Town
    Starting Today, Don Chow Truck Makes Free Boar Belly and Tongue Tacos for DosThe beer company is launching “Feast of the Brave” today to offer free tacos to the public.
  9. Taco Town
    What $27 Buys at a Kosher Taqueria During PassoverMexiKosher slammed as one of a small handful of restaurants offering Kosher food during the holiday.
  10. Taco Town
    Calle Tacos Seeks to Clarify What a ‘Calle’ IsNot that we expect much better from a Hollywood taqueria, but still.
  11. Taco Town
    Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco Tie For L.A.’s Favorite TacoBoth renowned taquerias took 744 votes each and have agreed to split the honors.
  12. Empire Building
    Blue Plate Taco Opening on 4th of July With Lobster Truffle TacosOrganic meats, homemade tortillas, and local produce will mark Santa Monica’s upscale taqueria this summer.
  13. Taco Town
    Guisado’s and Mariscos Jalisco Neck-and-Neck for City’s Taco AffectionsFour votes separate the two in a battle to be crowned L.A.’s favorite taco.
  14. Mediavore
    Beerathon Refunding Money to 4,000 Participants; Whole Foods to Green Up FishThe even has come under fire from the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.
  15. Mediavore
    Pasadena Police Shoot Taco Truck Thief; Paul Krekorian Loves Henry’s TacosA second suspect was arrested in yet another crime against taco town.
  16. Mediavore
    Safeway and Vons Stop Selling Pink Slime; George Clooney Enters The TequilaThe nation’s second largest grocery store chain is putting the kibosh on the frightening meat additive.
  17. Taco Town
    Cacao Mexicatessen Serves Uni-Topped ChileThe creative Mexican restaurant introduces some cross-cultural influences in its uni chile guero relleno.
  18. Mediavore
    Wendy’s Deposes Burger King; Taquero Shot in Foot in South L.A.The burger chain known for its ginger mascot is now the number-two fast food chain.
  19. Taco Town
    Who Serves L.A.’s Favorite Taco in 2012?Taco Madness voting starts today to determine who is the city’s top taco spot.
  20. The Gold Watch
    A Prolific Gold Points the Way to My Taco in Daily DishAlong the way, he allows us the right to enjoy our own version of bastardized Mexican food.
  21. Mediavore
    National Critics Slam Loss of L.A. Times Star System; Lou Amdur SellingVoices like Tom Sistema and Michael Bauer think the paper’s latest move is a cop-out.
  22. Taco Town
    Eric Garcetti Shares His Classic Taste in TacosIt’s no surprise Yuca’s tops the mayoral candidate’s list.
  23. Celebrity Settings
    Brave Diners Come Between Jessica Simpson and Lunch at Super-Rica TaqueriaAfter trying to cut in line, the pop-singer says “screw it” and heads to Taco Bell.
  24. Taco Town
    Where To Totally O.D. on Salsa This WeekMexiKosher chef Katsuji Tanabe plans a short history of mole, and a tasting of over 20 salsas.
  25. Freebies
    Rocio Camacho Cooking Free Tacos at Lomography Tomorrow NightThe chef’s Moles de Dioses is the town’s latest obsession in Mexican food.
  26. Openings
    Looking into MexiCali Taco & Co., Grand-Opening in Downtown Next WednesdayNew additions include fried egg as a topping on everything, flour tortillas, barley horchata, and chorizo nachos.
  27. Foodies With Benefits
    Fundraiser to Resuscitate Boyle Heights Street Food TonightPupusas, tacos, pozole, tamales, and more will be on hand tonight as East L.A. tries to bring underground vendors to a safe-zone
  28. Openings
    Mexicali Tacos & Co. Opening Storefront on February 15thThe brick and mortar will be within a mile of the crew’s once clandestine operation.
  29. Taco Town
    John Hunstman Approves of Henry’s TacosThe endangered taco stand has nearly 6,000 signatures from supportive community members.
  30. Mediavore
    Gunfire Erupts in Venice Whole Foods Parking Lot; Binge Drinking Spikes in U.S.A large area of the seaside city as police nab the indiscriminate shooter.
  31. Taco Town
    ‘Occupy Tujunga’ Seeks to Save Henry’s TacosOr at least, eat some good gringo tacos.
  32. Freebies
    Free Tacos Tomorrow at Tarascos!Meanwhile, drinks will be only four-dollars for draft beer and margaritas.
  33. Taco Town
    The New York Times Blows Up our Favorite TacoWill Super Rica finally step up its game?
  34. Taco Town
    Komida Creates a Pumpkin and Pepita Halloween TacoThe Japanese taco spot is now serving five days a week and doing away with its weekend hours.
  35. Taco Town
    Henry’s Tacos Seeks Historic-Cultural Landmark StatusOf course, our favorite taquerias, no matter how good, will never become official landmarks.
  36. Openings
    Komida Opens October 6th, Giving Away a Year of Japanese TacosThe best thing to come out of Yamashiro’s farmers market is coming to the streets of Hollywood.
  37. Closings
    Mexicali Tacos & Co. Leaves Downtown Safe-HavenBut the taco hot spot promises they’ll be back.
  38. Taco Town
    Brock Kleweno’s Komida Is Bringing Japanese Tacos to HollywoodThe Yamashiro chef confirms he’s taking over the H Wood space.
  39. Taco Town
    El Gallito Opens a Curbside Dining RoomThe taco truck chain is flipping the script and lifting us off of the curb.
  40. Mediavore
    Grocery Workers Reject Proposed Health Benefits; Spices May Fight Fatty FoodsA strike is looming for Southern California’s major grocery chains.
  41. Superlatives
    Sunset Honors Reel Inn’s Fish TacosThe Malibu restaurant even gets credit for innovating fish tacos!
  42. The Gold Watch
    Bayless Beat Down (Again) By a Graceful Jonathan GoldThe critic finally responds to the whole “timid” thing, and declares L.A. “a center of regional Mexican cooking.”
  43. Mediavore
    Global Ocean Life Threatened With Extinction; IHOP Looks to The Middle EastA new study finds the ocean in much worse condition than previously predicted.
  44. Taco Town
    Danny Trejo Plans His Own Taco Shop in O.C.The tough-guy actor certainly makes a stronger celebrity endorsement for Mexican food than Wee-Man.
  45. Taco Town
    Mexicali Taco & Co. Named L.A.’s Favorite TacoIt came down to the last minute, but Mariscos Jalisco was narrowly beaten by the Downtown asada master.
  46. Taco Town
    La Estrella, Ricky’s, Mariscos Jalisco, and MexiCali Make The Taco Final FourLast year’s winner, La Estrella, is already behind 2010’s big find, MexiCali Taco Co. as the battle reaches its end.
  47. Endangered
    Taqueria Chihuahua Could Be On The Run If Walgreens Gets Its Way“It looks like big business is probably going to win,” says Chihuahua owner Mario Banda.
  48. Marketing Gimmicks
    Hey Wahoo’s, Stop Treating Our Tacos Like Cheap HussiesWhat can clothing company Five Four do to improve on L.A.’s favorite street food staple?
  49. Truckin’
    Camarena Re-Hits The Road With a Rivera Chef On-BoardJose Briceño is helping the company give out free tequila-infused tacos through Cinco de Mayo.
  50. Taco Town
    Hot’s Kitchen Serves Over 50 Types of Tacos in Hermosa BeachSean Chaney, whose nickname is “hot” for his way with Mexican food, opens a beachy sequel of sorts to Hot’s Cantina.
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