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  1. taste test
    Is Tabasco’s New $35 Hot Sauce Any Good?Taste testing McIlhenny Co.’s new “Diamond Reserve” luxury condiment.
  2. climate change
    Climate Change Might Force Tabasco to Find a New HomeRising sea levels are coming fast for its 150-year-old home on the Louisiana coast.
  3. Spicy
    Tabasco Is Opening an All-Hot-Sauce Restaurant Next WeekIt’s on its own private island in Louisiana.
  4. Taste Tests
    The Great American Sriracha Taste-OffIs Tabasco’s new sriracha possibly better than Huy Fong’s beloved variety?
  5. Burn Sauce
    Sriracha Maker Wins Battle With California City CouncilHow about that.
  6. Burn Sauce
    Tabasco Launches Its Own Sriracha — But Seems Determined to Keep It aThe company is rumored to be making an official launch in early 2015.
  7. It Burns
    Tabasco’s Tiny Bottles Are Best-SellersThe small bottles reportedly contain exactly 720 drops of sauce.
  8. RIP
    Tabasco Chairman and Chief Executive Paul McIlhenny Has DiedHe was 68.
  9. Marketing Gimmicks
    Laurent Tourondel Stocks Food Truck With Free SlidersHe may be out at BLT Burger, but he’s serving up corned-beef-hash sandwiches.
  10. Mediavore
    Carl’s Jr. Sells Beer Downtown; Carl Karcher Enterprises Sold to Boston FirmCarl’s Jr. has the jump on Burger King’s beer bash, and its parent company is purchased by Thomas H. Lee partners.