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  1. openings
    Can a Famous Actor and 3 Nightlife Experts Really Open a New Dive Bar?At Ray’s, the only thing missing is a decade or two of bad housekeeping.
  2. Openings
    Taavo Somer and Carlos Quirarte Open Le Turtle With a Chef From Blanca and aThe modern French menu features vegetables prominently, along with heartier options like grilled wagyu and braised oxtail. Bread comes from Roberta’s.
  3. What Would Siddhartha Drink?
    Isa Now Hosting Buddhism-Inspired Cocktail TastingsMindful drinking, now in Williamsburg.
  4. Maple and Miso
    Taavo Somer Opening 14-Seat Japanese-Canadian Sports Bar Under BarbershopHockey pucks and yakitori ducks.
  5. Expansion
    Freemans Looks to Expand on RivingtonAdding some more bar seats around the corner.
  6. Menu Changes
    Taavo Somer: Isa’s New Menu Will Be More Casual, Geared Toward GrillingChef Igancio Mattos is out and Taavo Somer is overhauling the menu.
  7. Gone Fishin’
    Isa’s Entire Kitchen Staff Is Out, Revamp Unclear [Updated]Taavo turns Isa upside down.
  8. Menu Changes
    Isa Launching ‘Brunch-Craft’ This WeekendThere will probably be food. There will definitely be craft projects.
  9. Donezo
    Taavo Somer Says Peace Out, New YorkThe city is scruffy and untucked because of him, but he’s bored by it.
  10. Openings
    Isa Looks Pretty Lumberjack-y, After AllTaavo Somer’s Williamsburg restaurant has quietly opened.
  11. Openings
    Ignacio Mattos In at Taavo Somer’s Planned ‘Hippie’ RestaurantIn South Williamsburg.
  12. Openings
    Out of the Shadows: New Freemans Diner Gets a NameTaavo Somer’s Freemans offshoot is a lighter, brighter space with soda-fountain drinks and serious fried chicken.
  13. Empire Building
    It’s Official: Scott Conant Will Replace Table 8The Scarpetta chef is the latest Bowery boy.
  14. Empire Building
    Freemans on the Bowery?Taavo Somer is going after the onetime Kelly & Peng space.
  15. Lists
    ‘Hottest Bachelors’ List Features Restaurant Types, ObviouslyTaavo Somer of Freemans gets lusted after again. But is he really even a bachelor?
  16. Menu Changes
    Rusty Knot Serves Less, LaterBacon-and-liver sandwich, R.I.P. (for the winter, at least).
  17. Hot Chefs
    Hospitality HottiesSome restaurateurs make ‘Gotham’ magazine’s list of 100 Top Bachelors.
  18. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer Stars in Hipster-vertisementAn ironically hip nod to Dockers commercials?
  19. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer Reveals the Secret of Freemans’ Artichoke DipIt came from Minnesota!
  20. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer Is Cheesier Than We ThoughtIn a Q&A with the rich-diculous ‘Times’ blog the Moment, he tells us all about his fantasy travel companion.
  21. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer, the Man Behind the Music at the Rusty KnotDavid Amsden steps into the world of downtown’s most-sought-after tastemaker and learns that he’s the one behind the jukebox at the Rusty Knot.
  22. NewsFeed
    Friedman Reveals a Little Bit (Just a Little Bit) About John Dory, Rusty KnotDeodorant-eschewing Spotted Pig honcho Ken Friedman sits down with Bruni to say not much of anything about what he’s planning for the Rusty Knot, his “East Village–style dive bar” in the old West space. Despite the fact that he was last heard talking about the bar in a series of Belvedere ads, he says he doesn’t want the sort of exposure Sam Mason enjoyed on this very blog (“I was sick of [Tailor] before it even opened”) and reveals that his first choice for partner was Amy Sacco of Bungalow 8 rather than Taavo Somer of Freemans — a restaurant that’s one of his faves despite the fact that “the food’s never really that good.” Ouch! A Chat with Ken Friedman [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Earlier: Daniel Boulud and Ken Friedman Reveal New Projects in Belvedere Ads
  23. NewsFeed
    Gemma Pulse Check: It’s No WaverlyPlanning to go to Gemma, the Bowery Hotel’s restaurant tonight? Though we’ve been told by the publicist that, until its grand opening on July 9, the restaurant is open only to guests as well as friends and family of Sean MacPherson, Eric Goode, John DeLucie, and designer Taavo Somer, the hotel’s receptionist must’ve reckoned us a friend, because she invited us to walk right in anytime between 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. For the moment, this is no Waverly Inn, despite the shared players; in fact, as long as you’re wearing shoes and a shirt, you shouldn’t have any trouble scoring a table tonight.
  24. The Other Critics
    Chef Goes From ‘Gag’ to GreatThis week, the food scribes turned in more raves than rants. Naturally, we lead with a rant. • Frank Bruni, bucking the beau monde and betting odds, comes down with both feet on Freemans, the hipster hideaway beloved by downtown boulevardiers. (NYT)