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  1. bans
    Switzerland Bans Citizens From Boiling Lobsters AliveIt must now be humanely “stunned” first.
  2. news you can booze
    Man Spends $10K on Glass of Scotch, Immediately Gets BurnedAnyone who pays this much for whiskey deserves to be ripped off.
  3. edible insects
    European Supermarket Chain Unveils Delightful-Sounding ‘Mealworm Burgers’The company worked with a start-up for three years to develop the product.
  4. edible insects
    One of Europe’s Largest Supermarket Chains Will Sell Mealworm BurgersPeople in Switzerland will soon be able to grab ground larvae on the meat aisle.
  5. Scams
    Benoît Violier Was Reportedly the Victim of a Million-Dollar Wine ScamA new report says he got screwed out of millions in fine wine.
  6. RIP
    World-Renowned Chef Benoît Violier Dies of Apparent SuicideThe 44-year-old chef’s restaurant was named the best in the world just a month and a half ago.
  7. Food Porn
    A McDonald’s Accidentally Played Some Porn for CustomersApparently ‘Sexy Sports Clips’ is not family-friendly viewing.
  8. Aw Heil No
    Swiss Company Has No Idea Why It Released Hitler-Themed Coffee CreamerThey also had Mussolini ones in hazelnut.
  9. Zoo to Table
    A Zoo Admits to Serving Park Animals on Its Restaurant MenuIt’s a “very ecological,” circle-of-life approach.
  10. All You Cannot Eat
    Swiss Restaurant Penalizes Diners Who Don’t Lick Buffet Plates Clean“I wanted to send a strong signal,” the chef says.