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  1. the year i ate new york
    New York’s Way-Too-Cute (But Not Too Sweet) Asian PastriesCakes and crêpes to make you squeal.
  2. the underground gourmet
    Bananas Are About to Become Summer’s Hottest FlavorPeel and eat.
  3. sweets
    Sweethearts Are the Only Perfect Valentine’s Day CandyGloriously generic, neatly uniform, and absolutely impersonal.
  4. sweet tooth
    This Cake Tastes How Vacation FeelsThe Tropical Layer Cake from Pilar Cuban Bakery showcases coconut, mango, guava, and passion fruit.
  5. empire building
    Can Magnolia Bakery Reignite America’s Love of Cupcakes?The Sex and the City–tour favorite plans to unleash 200 new locations over the next five years.
  6. sweets
    Nestlé Is Bailing From the U.S. Chocolate BusinessThe chocolate bar’s inventor can’t sell chocolate anymore.
  7. spreading scandalously
    Nutella Maker Secretly Changed the Spread’s Recipe So It’s More SugaryNew labels also show there’s 16 percent more powdered milk.
  8. sweets
    Oreo Unveiled a New ‘Mystery’ Flavor — and It Isn’t Fooling AnyoneCreme-cookie fans have reached a consensus.
  9. science
    You Can Blame Coffee for Intensifying Your Sweet ToothNew research found that caffeine numbs the body’s ability to sense sweetness.
  10. sweets
    Get Ready for Avocado OreosIts new stunt is turning fan suggestions into flavors.
  11. The Absolute Best Cakes in New YorkAll cake is good, but some are markedly better. And these are the very best.
  12. grub guides
    18 Valentine’s Day Sweets That Are Way Better Than Heart-Shaped ChocolatesSmoked chocolate chips, hazulnut-cookie sandwiches, cake doughnuts, and fancy caramels.
  13. shortages
    Devastating Whipped-Cream Shortage Arrives Just in Time for the HolidaysThe nitrous used to make spray cans is in very short supply.
  14. sweets
    Doughnut Plant’s New Inception-Style Pastry Will Light Up Your InstagramIt’s a good alternative to Thanksgiving pie.
  15. openings
    Here Are All the Sweets You Can Eat at an Acclaimed Chef’s New Chocolate ShopBananas Foster bonbons, chocolate crunch cake, and so much more.
  16. openings
    La Newyorkina’s Mexican Sweets Shop Set to Open in New YorkFany Gerson’s highly anticipated ice-cream-and-treats shop is ready to open later this week.
  17. openings
    By CHLOE.’s Vegan Dessert Shop Opens With Matcha Babka and Pecan PieChloe Coscarelli got her start as a pastry chef.
  18. 12 New Desserts That Are Essentially Deluxe Childhood FavoritesFrom Gristmill, Untitled, Mr. Donahue’s, and more.
  19. Sweets
    Levain Bakery, and Its Tremendous Cookies, Are Moving to a Bigger SpaceTwo blocks away, on Amsterdam Avenue.
  20. Sweets
    You Can Feel Good About Eating This Inception Doughnut Because It’s VeganAh, America.
  21. Sweets
    Bone-Marrow-Chocolate Is the Latest Luxe Doughnut FlavorThe marrow makes it taste extra rich and velvety.
  22. Sweets
    Dominique Ansel’s Next Tasting-Menu Theme Is ‘American Dreams’Tickets cost $85 per person and go on sale this Friday.
  23. Pop-Ups
    A Noma Founder Has Opened a Bakery Pop-up in WilliamsburgOn Saturdays, Claus Meyer makes rugbrød, Danishes, and cinnamon buns.
  24. Grub Guides
    6 Excellent New Cookies to Enjoy This Winter, Because Resolutions Are DumbIncluding High Street on Hudson’s stroopwafel, Té Company’s pineapple linzer, and Mah Ze Dahr’s chocolate sable.
  25. Grub Guides
    11 Truly Acclaimed Chocolate Producers That Aren’t Mast BrothersOld-school French milk chocolate, award-winning American producers, a bar made from Vietnamese cacao beans, and more.
  26. Drama
    The Mast Brothers Respond to Attacks on Their Chocolate’s AuthenticityAccording to one writer, the company hasn’t always made its own chocolate.
  27. Sweets
    Introducing the S’mores Danish“I like that there is something ridiculous about the idea — so that you can’t take it too seriously.”
  28. Sweets
    5 Ways to Reinvigorate the Stale Old Black-and-White CookieThere’s ice cream, snickerdoodles, and black vegetable ash involved.
  29. Sweets
    For the First Time Ever, Fany Gerson’s Making Cake Doughnuts at DoughShe’s giving out a free one with purchase all day today.
  30. Interviews
    Meet the British Baking Star Who Started Her Career at Chez PanisseClaire Ptak, of Violet Cakes, is building an impressive career.
  31. Sweets
    The Oreo Boom: Behind the Surge in Sales for the Corn-Syrup-Laden ClassicArtisanal, schmartisanal. In the past decade, sales are up 60 percent, passing $2.5 billion a year.
  32. Health
    Another Giant Junk-Food Company Says It’s Now Going to Focus onMondelez is famous for producing Oreos and Ritz Crackers.
  33. Sweets
    Dominique Ansel Will Host His First-Ever ‘Pie Night’ on October 1A $35 ticket buys an unlimited amount of nine flavors.
  34. Sweets
    Nabisco, You Need to Stop This Oreo Flavor ParadeBrownie Batter is the latest offering.
  35. Sweets
    The Cereal Milk Affogato Is Milk Bar’s Latest CreationThis is exactly what you should drink during a heat wave.
  36. Sweets
    Oreo Says Its New ‘Thin’ Oreos Weren’t Designed to Be TwistedThey’re too “sophisticated” for milk, apparently.
  37. Sweets
    Lafayette Now Sells Artisanal Push-PopsA brand-new childhood-throwback dessert.
  38. Sweets
    Starbucks Will Soon Sell Fancy French CookiesThis is a major upgrade: Michel et Augustin has a cult following.
  39. We All Scream
    Maman’s Using Its Superb Cookies for Ice-Cream SandwichesBrilliant idea.
  40. Sweets
    Don’t Sleep On Mimi Cheng’s Cookie-Dough DumplingsThey’re only available for the month of June.
  41. Sweets
    Famed Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis to Join the Jose Garces TeamHe earned many accolades while at Le Bernardin.
  42. Sweets
    Here’s How New York’s Finest New Chocolate-Chip Cookie Is MadeIt’s served at Untitled at the Whitney, and, oddly enough, it’s gluten-free.
  43. Sweets
    Underwest Donuts Adds a New Flavor to Its All-Star RepertoireThe “Carwash” is plain, glazed, and totally classic.
  44. Sweets
    S’mores-Flavored Oreos Will Hit Stores This FridayOMG! OMG! OMG!
  45. Caffeine
    Stumptown Steps Up the Summer Coffee Game With Chocolate Cold BrewIt’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
  46. Sweets
    Someone Finally Made a Full-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Out of ChocolateSorry, Easter bunny: Sherlock’s got things covered this year.
  47. Opening Soon
    Beloved Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery Opening First Stand-alone ShopIt’s in the West Village.
  48. Mash-ups
    Introducing ‘Doughka’: Babka Made With Doughnut DoughDough owner Fany Gerson has created something truly wonderful.
  49. Openings
    Brigadeiro BakeryA Brazilian bakery is opening in Soho.
  50. Quote of the Day
    Less Is More“Negative space” inspires Brooks Headley.
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