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  1. Imports
    Rita’s Ice Comes To Redondo Beach From PhiladelphiaThe Philly import brings water ice and frozen custard to the South Bay shore.
  2. Video Feed
    Watch Copenhagen Pastry Get The Jiro TreatmentThe Danish bakery is worthy of the ubiquitous slo-mo, haunting soundtrack, and stark voiceover treatment.
  3. Openings
    The Fanciest Beard Papa Ever Opens in PalmsOkay, we haven’t exactly seen every one in the Japanese cream puff chain, but still.
  4. Sweet Stuff
    Sherry Yard Takes on Hostess at Father’s OfficeThe legendary Spago pastry chef has three new Helms Baker-branded desserts at Sang Yoon’s place.
  5. Cupmudgeon
    And The Cupcake Goes To…The red velvet beauties feature the signature naked golden eunuch.
  6. Sweet Stuff
    Trattoria Neapolis Fancifies Girl Scout CookiesThe Pasadena Italian is infusing its desserts with Tagalongs and Samoas.
  7. Sweet Stuff
    Chè Chè Chè Serving Sweets Beside Brodard in Little SaigonIn addition to its eponymous chilled desserts, the Little Saigon shop offers roast pork balls and chicken rice.
  8. Sweet Stuff
    Public Kitchen, Kerry Simon, and Rustic Canyon Serve Dessert Platters…FromRustic Canyon pastry chef Laurel Almerinda is hand-making Twix, fleur-de-sel Mounds, and peanut butter cups.