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  1. Sweet News
    ‘Dessert Demi-God’ Bill Corbett Comes to Cook [Updated]It’s an ultra-rare appearance for the West Coast-based pastry chef.
  2. Mediavore
    Goldenberg Name Makes Its Way Back to Peanut Chews Packaging; Fire Claims LivesPlus: Moms are to blame for fat kids; and a study says beer and martinis can extend your life, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Sweet News
    Four & Twenty Blackbirds Rolls Out New Holiday PieIt’s called Egg ‘N’ Grog pie.
  4. Sweet News
    Shane Confectionery Reopens TodayWith top to bottom restorations complete, the Berley brothers are ready to open the doors on their Old City sweets shop.
  5. Sweet News
    Belle Cakery Is Now Open, Baking Cakes and Other Pastries on East Passyunk Ave.The bakery, which specializes in in custom cakes, will offer a daily selection of fine baked goods and pastries.
  6. Sweet News
    Berley Bros. Get Shane Candies Ready For RelaunchThough originally slated to open last year, the old timey sweets spot is almost ready.
  7. Sweet News
    West Chester’s Éclat Chocolate Teams Up With La ColombeThe new chocolate bars will soon be available at all La Colombe locations.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Pizza Plans Panned in NoLibs; Kite & Key to Get Savage on Some Serious SixtelsRounding up the region’s neighborhood news.
  9. Sweet News
    Garces Gets His Smoked Paprika Spanish Almonds In Éclat’s Single-SourceThe collaboration brings forth a series of artisan chocolate bars.
  10. Sweet News
    Robicelli’s Now Baking Brownies and Whoopie PiesThe feverishly followed cupcake purveyor is offering its full line of treats at the new Sons of Essex.
  11. Holidaze
    Avert Thanksgiving Disaster: Order Your Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie NowThe Elsen sisters are swapping the first-come-first-served approach for online orders.
  12. Mediavore
    Crooked Cop Convicted of Stealing Cash From a Bar; Steve Jobs Loved ApplesPlus: Folks who crave sweets are total sweethearts; and today is Food Day, a nationwide observance and celebration of healthy and sustainable foods, all in our morning news roundup.
  13. Rumor Mill
    The Federal Donuts Frenzy ContinuesThe donuts and chicken keep moving fast.
  14. Sweet News
    Phillies Phever Sweeps 10 ArtsThe return of Glass’s Phillies-inspired cupcakes signals the coming of “Red October.”
  15. Sweet News
    First Look at Zucker Bakery, Bringing Rugelach and Alfajores to the East VillageWith Mediterranean and Eastern European recipes.
  16. Sweet News
    Xocolatti to Open Next Week, Bringing Freeze-Dried-Pomegranate Clusters to Soho“It’s like being a mad scientist,” says chocolatier Shaineal Shah.
  17. Sweet News
    Arcadia Students Get Their (Charm City) Cake and Eat It, TooThe University commissioned the Ace of Cakes crew to construct a cake modeled after its iconic building.
  18. Layoffs
    Not So Sweet News: Tasty Baking Co. Announces LayoffsThough the company will bring Tastykakes to new markets in coming months, it’s eliminating 32 redundant positions.
  19. Openings
    East Passyunk Ave. Is Getting a Little Bit SweeterEast Passyunk Ave. will soon be bookended with sweets shops.
  20. Sweet News
    Fond Pastry Chef to Open a Shop on East Passyunk Ave.She expects to open shop near Dickinson St. sometime this fall.
  21. Openings
    A Cupcake Shop Grows in BrooklynBrooklyn Cupcake debuted over the weekend in Williamsburg.
  22. Sweet News
    Tasty Baking Co. Passes on Matt Levin’s Kandy Kake SlidersThe former Adsum chef’s amazing creation isn’t included on Tasty Baking Co.’s recipe website.
  23. Beef
    Foie Gras Doughnuts Anger Animal Rights Nut Jobs, Racists“See what immigrants will do in this country????”
  24. Openings
    A Sneak Peek at Jane’s Sweet Buns, Opening With Boozy Pastries This WeekCienfuegos bartender Jane Danger is behind the sweetly appointed shop.
  25. Sweet News
    Steve’s Craft Ice Cream Will Be ‘Curated and Composed’A Boston company that pioneered candy and sugary mix-ins is starting over in New York.
  26. Food Porn
    Babeland Teaming Up With Mister Softee for Sexy Ice-Cream Pop-upIt sure makes the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck look pretty tame.
  27. Sweet News
    Petite Abeille’s Hive MindThe mini-chain is looking to source its own honey from rooftop beehives.
  28. Openings
    Nawlins Shaved Ice Pops Up at Imperial Woodpecker Sno-ballsIn 33 flavors!
  29. Unnecessary Luxuries
    The Latest in Status Sweets: $500 Jelly BeansThey’re coated in 24-carat gold and sold in crystal jars.
  30. Lose Your Appetite
    What’s Funnier Than a Dead-Baby Cake?Why would anybody do this?!
  31. Sweet News
    Pie Gains Some Traction at SupperPerhaps we were way off in our assessment of pie.
  32. Openings
    London Candy Company Will Replenish Its Supplies in Time for the Royal WeddingAnd you’re invited to the grand opening party this Friday.
  33. Sweet News
    Tasty Baking Co.’s Outlook Gets Even More GrimWithout a buyer the Tastykake maker’s days are numbered.
  34. Openings
    Güllüoglu Brings Its ‘Baklava Like You Wouldn’tThe Turkish bakery has opened a third location.
  35. Sweet News
    Aramark Discovers How To Prevent Tastykakes From Melting DownIt’s not a cure for a disease, but it’s still pretty significant.
  36. Openings
    When Danny Meyer’s Untitled Soft-Opens on Wednesday, There Will Be PieFrom Four & Twenty Blackbirds. And Stumptown Coffee too.
  37. Sweet News
    Brownie PointsKermit Perlmutter wooed his wife with these super-fudgy specimens, now available retail on the UWS.
  38. Sweet News
    Tasty Bakes New KakesTasty Baking Co. bakes up a better kake.
  39. Sweet News
    Chefs Come to the Rescue of Beleaguered Tasty Baking Co.Matt Levin and other like-minded chefs are saving Tasty Baking Co. with culinary creations that incorporate the iconic Philadelphia snacks.
  40. Sweet News
    City Tavern Recreates Martha Washington’s ‘Excellent Cake’The “excellent cake” draws on a recipe that was hand-written by first First Lady Martha Washington.
  41. Sweet News
    Barbuzzo Bundles Its Budino in Two-PacksThe dessert that’s built up a cult following will be available in two-packs for Valentine’s Day.
  42. App-etizing
    Find Girl Scout Cookies Immediately via a New AppThe Girl Scout Cookie Locator might actually come in handy, come to think of it.
  43. Sweet News
    Girl Scout Cookies Go SpartanJust six flavors will be available this year, but don’t worry, they’re probably all your favorites.
  44. Sweet News
    La Newyorkina’s Fany Gerson Planning Second Cookbook, Brick-and-MortarThe Popsicle brand is on the move.
  45. Sweet News
    Barbuzzo Bundles Budino Sixers, But They’re No BargainThe addictive dessert is available now in a convenient carry out six pack.
  46. Sweet News
    Chinatown Cake Club ‘Hibernating,’ Releases CookbookVictoria Howe’s underground bakery is on hiatus, but now you can get your hands on her recipes.
  47. Sweet News
    Barbuzzo Peddling its Crack-Like Salted Caramel Budino To GoThe crack-like dessert will soon be packaged to go in six packs.
  48. Deals
    Far From the Madding Crowd: 10 Arts and Oyster House Provide Respite for!0 Arts kicks off hot chocolate service on Black Friday and Oyster House puts forth “Bags and Bubbles” on Saturdays.
  49. Sweet News
    10 Arts Pastry Chef Monica Glass Strives to Make Saturdays SweetIt’s not an Oompa Loompa insurrection, it’s 10 Arts new dessert bar.
  50. Openings
    Krispy Kreme Returns to Philly TomorrowAfter nearly five years, the doughnut maker returns to the Philly area.
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