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  1. Coming Soon
    Hibino’s Long Island City Branch Opens This MonthIt’s almost obanzai time.
  2. Right To Bare Hands
    California Bans Workers From Touching Food With Bare HandsLoopholes will allow sushi chefs to keep going without gloves.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Owner Thwarts Robbery With Sushi KnifeIt was the third time the robber had targeted the sushi restaurant.
  4. Appointments
    Blue Ribbon’s Isao Iijima Replaces Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau at NetaThe chef says a few things about the menu may change, “but we are not going to go completely insane.”
  5. Chef Shuffle
    Neta Loses Co-Chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy LauThere’s no word on their replacement.
  6. Omakase
    New York’s Dynamic New Wave of Omakase-Style RestaurantsEntrusting your meal to the whims and talents of the chef.
  7. World Issues
    The Ten Best Lines From GQ’s Story on Kim Jong-il’s Sushi“As a wedding prank, Kim Jong-il had the unconscious Fujimoto’s pubic hair shaved off.”
  8. Beer Me
    Zama and Strangelove’s Both Hosting Hitachino Nest Founder ToshiyukiIf the Omakase dinner proves too rich for your bllod, there are other options.
  9. Beef
    Fat Salmon Workers Stage Walkout to Protest Tip Skimming and Other WorkplaceWorkers allege wage theft and retaliation for concerted activity.
  10. Openings
    Nozawa Bar Opens at Sugarfish Beverly HillsA 20-course omakase is being prepared by Osamu Fujita, who will source seafood with the master himself.
  11. Ooh Baby We Like It Raw
    Latest Issue of Los Angeles Explores L.A.’s Sushi SceneFeatures include “How To Not Look Like a Tool at The Sushi Counter.”
  12. Seafood
    Your Fish Is Not Who You Think He IsSushi lies.
  13. Empire Building
    Zama Opening a Second Location Near DrexelNo doubt, dining options near the university are getting much more interesting.
  14. Menu Changes
    Zama Nixes the Rice For Its Latest Sushi ComboNew creations swap out the rice for vegetables and/or quinoa.
  15. Openings
    David Bouhadana’s Dojo Will Open in the SpringHe’s back in a New York groove.
  16. Empire Building
    Sasabune Taking Miru 8691’s Strip Mall SpaceChef Ei Hiroyoshi says he wants to be the Snoop to Nobi Kushuhara’s Dr. Dre.
  17. Empire Building
    Ichi Sushi to Open Second Location Across the Street in La LenguaThe owners will keep the existing location and open Ichi Omakase next year.
  18. Ooh Baby We Like It Raw
    Will The Real Inventor of The California Roll Please Stand Up?A Canadian chef lays claim to Ichiro Mashita’s turf.
  19. Grub Guide
    Five Tantalizing Tasting Menus to Check Out This WeekHere’s more reasons to dine in the burbs, eat game, and get in touch with autumn harvest.
  20. Foodievents
    Eat Sashimi Right Off the Fish at JRA Food FestivalAYCE sushi and AYCD sake makes a great food event in Little Tokyo
  21. Wasabi Walgreens
    Porter Square Will Get a Super Sushi Walgreens of Its Very OwnTwo stories, sushi, groceries, nails.
  22. Openings
    What to Eat at Prime at the Bentley, Serving Kosher Steaks and Sushi 21 StoriesThe pop-up is expected to stay open for the next three or four months.
  23. Openings
    BondSt Alum Opening Sushi Masaru in Chelsea Next MonthSushi Masaru will open on Eighth Avenue next month.
  24. Booze
    Now You Can Get a Buzz With Your DeodorantDowntown Crossing’s trail-blazin’ Walgreens sells sushi and sake!
  25. Deals
    Takami’s Birthday Yields Five-Dollar RollsThe items are normally priced in the double digits, but are now available for cheaper and without limit.
  26. Openings
    Now Open: Roe Thai and Japanese Contemporary Cuisine, Serving Sushi, Pad ThaiThe new spot has sushi and sashimi, and Thai specialties too.
  27. Openings
    Bugs Now Slinging SushiTry not to think about how crustaceans kind of resemble cockroaches of the sea.
  28. Hybrids
    Avery Provision Co. Unveils Boston’s First-Ever Sushi BurritoIt’s about time.
  29. Coney Village
    Cone Sushi Debuting in the EV TodayReady-to-replicate Iconic Hand Rolls opens tonight.
  30. Openings
    Live Sushi Opens Third Spot in ExcelsiorThey already have spots in SoMa and Potrero.
  31. Quote of the Day
    Why Ellen and Portia Are California RollsThen what are tacos?
  32. Fish Stories
    Philly’s Drugstore Food Scene Just Got RealThe reportedly soon-to-be Walgreens space will offer more than just the obligatory magazines, over the counter meds and cosmetics. It will also be zoned as a health clinic, beauty salon, and restaurant.
  33. Precious
    Bouley Tweaks Brushstroke, Adds Sushi Bar and MasterTribeca gets a few feet of Tokyo.
  34. Openings
    What to Eat at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, Opening Next Week on the Lower EastThe Bromberg brothers take an ecumenical approach to Japanese.
  35. Openings
    First Look at Mihoko’s 21 Grams, Bringing Soul-ful French-Japanese to theCollector, philanthropist, and former ballerina Mihoko Kiyokawa adds restaurateur to her resume.
  36. Fish Stories
    Ippolito’s Seafood Rolls Out a Sashimi BarSouth Philly’s 83-year-old fish market gets a taste for the raw.
  37. Ooh Baby We Like It Raw
    New Sushi Chains Getting Cheaper, More CompliantThey include Sushi Freak, which is making its way here from San Diego.
  38. Sushi
    Drugstore Sushi Isn’t Going to Drive the Tourists (or the Locals) WildThe new Downtown Crossing Walgreens isn’t the neighborhood’s magic bullet, sushi be damned.
  39. Openings
    First Look at Neta, Bringing Sushi From a Pair of Masa Veterans to the VillageIt’s not your standard sushi bar.
  40. Ooh Baby We Like It Raw
    Long Beach Sushi Chef Claims $15 Million Lotto PrizeVictor Caube, an immigrant from The Philippines, might return home to start his own restaurant.
  41. Quote of the Day
    Uni’s Sushi Is Hot and ColdChris Gould denounces the evils of conveyor belt sushi.
  42. Ooh Baby We Like It Raw
    Did Sushi Nozawa Bring Trent Reznor Closer to God?The musician calls the shuttering bar “quite simply my very favorite place in the world to eat.”
  43. Mediavore
    J Restaurant and Lounge Closing in Downtown; Where to Get Feet Wet in KoreatownMatt Kang offers a primer on eating in the eatery-dense sub-city.
  44. Mediavore
    Montco. Town Isn’t Clucking Around When It Comes to Chickens; Girl ScoutsPlus: Volunteers sought for Mars cooking exercises; mediocre sushi probably isn’t worth it, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Mediavore
    Methuen School Accidentally Offers KKK Chicken Tenders for Lunch; The Glory ofPlus the Girl Scouts might collaborate with Nestle on a cookie candy bar and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  46. Blechtacular
    Condoms With a Side of Wasabi, Please?Sushi comes to Walgreens.
  47. Empire Building
    Gatten Sushi Opening Sixth Store, Coming to KoreatownAll sushi is just two-dollars at this Irvine-based chain.
  48. Contests
    Win Tickets to See Jiro Dreams of Sushi and See The PreviewWe’re giving away 50 tickets to the premiere of this hardcore sushi porn through Facebook.
  49. Empire Building
    Kula Sushi Expanding to TorranceThe South Bay location will be the raw fish biz’s fifth store’s, after opening Downtown last month.
  50. The Other Critics
    J. Gold Pours One Out for Angeli Caffe; Virbila Lists Her Five FavoriteElsewhere, The L.A. Weekly critic uncovers tarte flambe and the best sushi in Pasadena.
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