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  1. openings
    The Original Scarr’s Pizza Is Now a Sushi CounterSushi Oku opened this weekend. Good luck getting a seat.
  2. closings
    Sushi Ginza Onodera, the High-end Omakase Temple, Is ClosingThe restaurant’s last day in business is August 19.
  3. encounter
    The Sushi Master Who Used to Work at the Cheesecake FactoryJorge Dionicio perfected his craft in Tokyo, Texas, and Nebraska.
  4. restaurant review
    The Future of Sushi?At Rosella, local and sustainable sourcing trumps traditional supply chains.
  5. outdoor dining
    Eating Sushi Omakase on the SidewalkHow does the traditionally intimate, cloistered experience translate to an outdoor setting? Our restaurant critic Adam Platt finds out.
  6. restaurant review
    Nami Nori Is Cheap, Delicious, and Made for MillennialsThis improbable hit sushi restaurant focuses on temaki hand rolls that will slide neatly into your Instagram feed.
  7. grub guides
    Where to Get Your Raw-Bar Fix in New York Right NowGreco-Japanese sashimi, crudo flights, and a raw shrimp dish inspired by the masters at El Bulli.
  8. openings
    The Owners of a New Sushi Spot Want to ‘Bring Back the Dynamite Roll’Three Masa vets are bringing their experience, but not the prices, to Nami Nori.
  9. The Hunt for NYC’s Best SushiA restaurant critic and his daughter walk into a sushi bar
  10. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Sushi in New YorkThe arrival of top Tokyo talent has transformed the omakase scene.
  11. restaurant review
    Sushi Noz Is High Sushi TheaterEverything, from the room to the performatory cooking itself, is designed to transport you straight to Japan — or an idealized version of it.
  12. empire building
    Sugarfish Looking to Open Multiple NYC Locations Next YearAlong with another branch of its hand-roll spinoff, KazuNori.
  13. grub guides
    The Grub Street Guide to Affordable Sushi in New YorkAll the sea bream and scallop that won’t set you back.
  14. openings
    Affordable, Exciting Sushi Lands in WilliamsburgThe priciest omakase at Okozushi is just $45.
  15. first taste
    This New Luxury Sushi Den Might Actually Be Worth ItIn a city overrun with high-priced omakase options, Noda manages to stand out.
  16. make it stop
    This Is the Sushi Story That Is Horrifying the Internet“He grabs it, and he pulls on it, and it keeps coming out.”
  17. power lunch
    Sushi Nakazawa Will Now Serve Some of the City’s Best Raw Fish at LunchFor high rollers who also like to tuck it in early.
  18. health concerns
    Doctors Warn Parasitic Worms May Live in Your SushiA GI infection common in Japan has started popping up in the West.
  19. openings
    Soon, the West Village Will Have Two New $50 Sushi OmakasesSushi on Jones is expanding, while its former chef is opening a similar concept of his own.
  20. restaurant review
    Review: Ichimura Loses Some Charm After Declaring Independence From BrushstrokeThe pleasures of this stilted, slightly off-key reboot might be too subtle for some.
  21. openings
    One of New York’s Original Sushi Masters Is Back in ActionToshio Suzuki helped introduce nigiri to New Yorkers at Sushi Zen, and he’s returned with a multi-concept restaurant.
  22. show me the maki
    MLB All-Star Negotiates ‘Unlimited Sushi’ Into Japanese Baseball ContractThis may be the best contract demand of all time.
  23. openings
    Sugarfish Team Opens KazuNori in NYC With a Focus on Affordable Hand RollsWhere to find a very quick sushi meal for just under $30.
  24. stunt foods
    Nestlé Is Making Kit Kat ‘Sushi’ Bars in JapanTwo of life’s biggest cravings finally available as one.
  25. restaurant review
    L.A. Import Sugarfish Wants to Democratize the Fine Art of OmakaseThe Shake Shack of sushi does an admirable job navigating a middle path between the cheap (often fake) deli experience and the high-roller omakase.
  26. seafood fraud
    Half the Fish in L.A.’s Sushi Restaurants Aren’t What You OrderedA four-year study discovered anything that’s not tuna or salmon is pretty iffy.
  27. L.A.’s Beloved Sushi Restaurant Sugarfish Is Now Open in New YorkIt’s super affordable, without sacrificing quality.
  28. bad moves
    A Story of Incurring Serious Debt for Next-Level SushiImagine these diners’ shock when the bill arrived.
  29. wasabi attacks
    Japanese Sushi Chain Apologizes for Serving Foreigners ‘Excessive’ WasabiThe chefs claim they thought tourists were “seeking more excitement.”
  30. openings
    A Sushi Yasuda and Nakazawa Chef Is Behind NYC’s Latest Luxe Omakase RestaurantAkashi opens in the West Village next week.
  31. You Should Not Spend 25 Minutes Organizing Your Sushi Into Perfect MosaicsBut the rest of the internet is apparently going to.
  32. video feed
    How Daisuke Nakazawa Became One of America’s Most Celebrated Sushi ChefsHe talks about his sushi style and training under Jiro, and eats at Katz’s.
  33. Listen
    The Rise of the Power Sushi RestaurantAdam Platt and Alan Sytsma discuss on the latest episode of the Grub Street Podcast.
  34. Money Money Money
    Masa Ditches Tips, Raises PricesDinner now costs $595 per person.
  35. Food Fights
    College Students Say Their Bad Cafeteria Food Is Culturally Insensitive““How could they just throw out something completely different and label it as another country’s traditional food?”
  36. Openings
    Kosaka Is New York’s Newest Luxe Omakase DestinationChef Yoshihiko Kousaka used to work at Jewel Bako.
  37. Where to Eat
    Where to Eat the Best Sushi in NYCThe places to go for the city’s finest rolls, omakase, and more.
  38. Caught Bare Handed
    An Acclaimed Sushi Chef’s Fight Against the DOH Cost Him His JobDavid Bouhadana’s petition is going strong, but he will have to find somewhere else to work.
  39. Caught Bare Handed
    Celebrated Sushi Chef Petitioning DOHDavid Bouhadana’s restaurants have been closed since October 22, and now he’s taking to Change.org to rectify that.
  40. Acts Of Kindness
    World’s Kindest Sushi Restaurant Gives ‘Lonely’ Customer aThis is sweet.
  41. Food Safety
    Bad Sushi Causes Latest Salmonella OutbreakThe tuna is lurking in restaurants and grocery stores.
  42. Openings
    Boston Import O Ya Is New York’s Newest Omakase OptionThe 18-course tasting menu costs $185.
  43. News
    A Proposed New Health Department Rule Could Ruin New York’s Sushi SceneChanges to the code will require fish served raw to be frozen beforehand.
  44. Coming Soon
    Sushi Nakazawa Will Open a West Village SpinoffThe unnamed spot will have a $125 tasting menu.
  45. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: Shuko’s Omakase Surprises and DelightsNo expense has been spared to track down the kind of trophy items that sushi snobs covet.
  46. Openings
    A Full Look at Shuko’s Sushi Kaiseki, From Start to FinishThe 17 sushi bites are just part of the $175 feast.
  47. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Will Pay $28K Fine After Knowingly Serving Whale MeatThe makers of The Cove helped undercover agents order the sushi back in 2010.
  48. Video Feed
    Watch a Tokyo Chef Explain the Rules of Eating SushiDon’t even think about putting that pickled ginger on the fish.
  49. Video Feed
    Here’s a Cat Eating a Lovingly Prepared Sashimi DinnerIt’s a two-course meal.
  50. Relocations
    Haru Closes in Times Square, But Will Reopen Tomorrow (in Times Square)That was fast.
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