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  1. surveys
    Grocery Shopping Is Another Activity Men Think They Are Really Great At“They’re buying for right now, or maybe tonight. Anything beyond that is too long-term.”
  2. the state of the industry
    Are Rising Health-Care Costs to Blame for the Restaurant Industry’s Troubles?A new survey indicates they’re to blame.
  3. food waste
    More Than Half of Americans ‘Feel Bad’ About Throwing Out Food But Do It AnywayFour in ten say they “don’t have enough time” to worry about it.
  4. The Tipping Game
    Survey Says More Restaurants Will Go Tip-FreeBut a survey of 503 restaurateurs found that nearly half have either made the change or plan to.
  5. Food Waste
    The Average American Household Wastes More Than $600 of Food Each YearBut very few care about the effects on the environment.
  6. Surveys
    Babson Kids Get the Munchies a LotThey just love their takeout!
  7. Surveys
    Are Massachusetts Diners Horrible Tippers?A new survey ranks the country’s most generous and stingiest states.