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  1. surpluses
    The Food-Price Slump Is Officially the Country’s Longest Since 1960It hasn’t been easy on farmers.
  2. surpluses
    Analysts Say Food Prices Have Tumbled to a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ LowA dozen eggs for $1 and buy-one-get-one steaks are signs of “irrational pricing.”
  3. surpluses
    Plummeting Corn, Meat, and Dairy Prices Are Plaguing FarmersAnalysts predict the slump could be the country’s worst in over 50 years.
  4. surpluses
    Government Saves America’s Cheese Industry With $20 Million BailoutA milk glut and a sluggish demand have left the market very saturated.
  5. What to Eat
    Be a Vulture Atop Spain’s ‘Unwanted Ham Mountain’A surplus of jamón Iberico means good news for ham lovers.