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Superiority Burger

  1. trendlet
    When Did Cabbage Get So Sexy?Chefs are wrapping it around all sorts of wonderful things.
  2. the grub street diet
    Pitchfork’s Puja Patel Wants the Tough Bits“Give me the crispy edge of a lasagna, the chewy corner piece of the brownie.”
  3. where to eat
    The New Alphabet City SceneBrie burgers, Nordic pastries, and omakase counters for any budget.
  4. openings
    Superiority Burger Is Open Again — Really!Brooks Headley has opened the doors to the much bigger, deluxe diner version of his destination for vegetarian cooking.
  5. coming soon
    Brooks Headley Loves Every Inch of the New Superiority BurgerThe restaurant is getting closer — he swears.
  6. encounter
    Talking (And Shopping) With Superiority Burger’s Brooks HeadleyAs he prepares to expand his deceptively ambitious, Greenmarket-fueled veggie-burger joint.
  7. moves
    Brooks Headley’s Superiority Burger Is Relocating to the Old Odessa Diner Space“It’s always been my dream space.”
  8. outdoor dining
    12 Excellent Ways to Picnic in Tompkins Square ParkVegan hoagies, spicy Spam musubi, and lots of fried chicken.
  9. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in New YorkYou’ll never miss the meat.
  10. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Veggie Burgers in New YorkFrom vegan restaurants to newfangled burger stands, here’s where to get the best meat-bomb alternatives.
  11. obituaries
    R.I.P. to Superiority Burger’s Tahini Ranch Dressing“I will carry tahini ranch in my heart FOREVER.”
  12. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With Superiority BurgersWhen you want the best veggie burgers in New York, you’ll also want to grab some Sauvignon Blanc.
  13. cookbooks
    Can Someone With Normal Cooking Skills Make Superiority Burgers at Home?A new cookbook offers the promise of amazing homemade veggie burgers — but is it possible for a non-chef to do them justice?
  14. in season
    New York Chefs Are Discovering All the Possibilities of the Sweet PotatoThey’re not so sweet anymore, even when they’re dessert.
  15. pop-ups
    A Very Special Panettone Pop-up Is Coming to Superiority BurgerThis Tuesday, January 3.
  16. insights
    Why One of the Country’s Best Pastry Chefs Turned His Back on Fine Dining“Michelin is the biggest crock of complete fucking bullshit …”
  17. we all scream
    Close Out the Summer Eating As Much Corn Ice Cream As You CanIt’s basically the perfect flavor this time of year.
  18. listen
    Why Veggie Burgers Are Poised to Be the New Go-to Burger of ChoiceCan plant patties become the cutting-edge burger of choice?
  19. Best of New York
    New York’s Absolute Best Iconic FoodsAfter some thorough research, we found that the upstarts trumped the classics, proving that innovation in the foodsphere can be a very good thing.
  20. Hooray
    Superiority Burger Is Now Open for LunchBut it’s still closed on Tuesdays.
  21. Lists
    The 15 Best Sandwiches of 2015This past year was (almost) all about porchetta, eggs on rolls, and porchetta-and-eggs on rolls.
  22. The Dish
    Introducing Superiority Burger’s New Vegan Cold Pizza SaladBrooks Headley has managed to conjure a slice of pizza in the form of a juicy, crunchy, “cheesy” vegan side.
  23. Cookbooks
    Brooks Headley Is Writing a Superiority Burger CookbookIt’ll include a veggie-burger recipe, plus 100 other salads and desserts.
  24. Other Critics
    The New York Times Just Gave Two Stars to a Veggie-Burger Shop“New ideas fly through the kitchen so quickly, you can almost hear them buzz by.”
  25. Openings
    Here’s All the Food at Brooks Headley’s Superiority BurgerThere’s strawberry sorbet, a broccoli salad, and a vegetarian Sloppy Joe.
  26. Openings
    Brooks Headley’s Veggie-Burger Spot Superiority Burger Is Officially OpenHe’s set up in the former Dirt Candy space.
  27. Burgers
    Platt: Can Anyone Make a Decent Veggie Burger?Our critic samples the simulacra.
  28. Foodievents
    Brooks Headley’s Super-Popular Veggie Burger Pop-up Is Coming Around AgainThe menu expands this time out with something called the Hippie Wrap.
  29. Foodievents
    Brooks Headley’s Veggie Burger Pop-up Was a Huge SuccessThe famed pastry chef’s one-day-only Superiority Burger brought out massive crowds.
  30. Veggie Burgers
    Brooks Headley Has Created the Next-level Veggie BurgerHis Superiority Burger pop-up opens this Sunday.
  31. Opening Soon
    Del Posto’s Brooks Headley Launches Veggie Burger Pop-upIn the former Family Recipe space.