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  1. KFC Will Keep Human Antibiotics in Its Chicken for Another YearIt’s finally pledged to quit sourcing poultry raised with human drugs.
  2. the chain gang
    Burger King Says All Its Chicken Will Be Antibiotic-Free by Next YearIt’s finally recognizing the connection to the rise in drug-resistant superbugs.
  3. bad news
    China’s Seafood Is Seriously Plagued by SuperbugsA quarter of the world’s supplies are potentially carrying an alarming amount of antibiotics.
  4. food safety
    Another Deadly Superbug Has Shown Up on America’s Pig FarmsExperts say the death rate for bloodstream infections “is up to 50 percent.”
  5. health concerns
    U.N. Calls Antibiotics in Food a Health Crisis on Par With AIDSIt says drug-resistant bacteria is a “fundamental threat” to the world’s health safety.
  6. Food Safety
    Superbugs Found in a Scary Percentage of MeatTests showed 57 percent of chicken, 83 percent of turkey, and 14 percent of beef.
  7. Superbugs
    FDA Determined Livestock Antibiotics Were ‘High Risk’ a Long TimeThe good news is that the agency has taken initial steps to reducing antibiotic usage.
  8. Superbugs
    Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Thrive in Supermarket ChickenConsumer Reports says your chicken is sick, and may make you sick, too.