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Super Bowl Ads

  1. the feeding tube
    All of the Super Bowl Food and Drink Ads, RankedIt was a big year for celebrity-endorsed junk food.
  2. food politics
    Mexican Avocado Farmers Bought One of the Super Bowl’s First AdsThe group is “not going to abandon this market regardless” of what President Trump does.
  3. video feed
    So, Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Is All About ImmigrationEven if the politics were unintentional.
  4. big beer
    Budweiser Actually Hosted a ‘Media Preview’ for Its Super Bowl AdsReporters were given “fun facts”!
  5. marketing gimmicks
    Heinz Demands America Make Super Bowl Monday a National HolidayIt reminds Congress “Smunday” is one of the country’s least-productive workdays.
  6. Gimmicks
    Here’s How Something Called Death Wish Coffee Got Its Own Super Bowl AdCaffeinated fans helped it win a public vote.
  7. Video Feed
    Heinz’s Super Bowl Ketchup Ad Is the Best Kind of PanderingThat feel-good moment when hot-dog dachshunds meet their ketchup-bottle owners.
  8. Video Feed
    Newcastle Crowd-Sourced a Ridiculous 37-Brand Super Bowl AdGood luck remembering any of them.