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  1. drama
    Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Ditches Partner in CrimeThe latest in the saga of Pure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis.
  2. sued
    The ‘Four Seasons’ Name Should Rest in PeaceAlex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini’s former partners are suing to prevent them from using it at their new restaurant.
  3. Sued
    Two Former Employees Are Suing Danny Meyer Over Unpaid WagesThey claim they should have been paid more per hour.
  4. Sued
    The Pure Food & Wine Owner Is Being Sued From All SidesHer former employees, vendors, and investors are all taking her to court.
  5. Sued
    Dollar-Slice Specialists 2 Bros. Pizza SuedA class-action lawsuit asks for $10 million in damages.
  6. Lawsuits
    Heinz Just Got Sued Over Trans-Fat ClaimsA class-action lawsuit is contending that Ore-Ida fries have “danger levels” of the oil.
  7. Yikes
    World’s Worst Roommate Pours Cleaning Fluid Into the Food of Her FrenemiesShe sought revenge on her housemates, and now she’s being charged with a felony.
  8. Trouble
    The City Wants to Shut Down Chinatown Favorite 169 BarUnderage drinking is an issue.
  9. Drama
    Feds Accuse Kraft of Manipulating Wheat PricesThe company allegedly pocketed $5.4 million.
  10. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Claims Metal-Fishhook Debacle Is Actually ExtortionApparently, the branzino is farmed and always caught in nets.
  11. Sued
    Diner Goes to the Hospital After Her $42 Branzino Includes a Metal Fish HookSurprise!
  12. Sued
    Fatty Crew Strikes Back, Claims It Terminated Leah Cohen’s Contract InThis is getting ugly.
  13. Sued
    Trouble at Pig and Khao: Leah Cohen’s Suing Rick Camac’s RestaurantThe restaurant owes the government $47,283.
  14. Lawsuits
    Here’s Another Reason to Hate 7-ElevenMore than 150 U.S. franchisees are suing the company.
  15. Lawsuits
    Atlantic City Judge Rules ‘Borgata Babes’ Can Be Fired for GainingApparently it’s not an issue of sexual or weight discrimination.
  16. Sued
    Does Adding Mandatory Gratuity Violate City Law?A new lawsuit targets Per Se.
  17. Sued
    Starbucks Employees Accused of Mocking Deaf CustomersA lawyer is representing a dozen plaintiffs.
  18. Sticky Situation
    Sticky’s Finger Joint Waitress Says Owner Fed Her Magic Mushrooms“I was expecting chicken.”
  19. Food Politics
    Soy Milk and Birth Control: A Look at the Eden Foods CEO ControversyThe CEO wants an exemption from covering contraception.
  20. Lawsuit
    Victory for Wine Snobs: Billionaire William Koch Wins LawsuitA landmark case for vintage wine hoaxes.
  21. Lawsuit
    Former Hooters Waitress Says She Was Forced to Quit After Shaving Head for BrainShe’s suing the franchise.
  22. Sued
    Gordon Ramsay Owes $75,000 in Overdue BillsHe’s the worst.
  23. Sued
    Two Billionaires Fighting Over Expensive, Rare Wine That Tastes Like VinegarMo’ money. Mo’ problems.
  24. Lawsuit
    Why Martha Stewart’s Unapologetic“She refuses to care whether we all want to be her besties.”
  25. Lawsuit
    Martha Stewart Hurt Business for Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell, and Ina GartenThis lawsuit’s getting nasty.
  26. Lists
    The 20 Most Despicable Things Gordon Ramsay Has Said and Done, RankedRacism, fat-shaming, and vegetarian trickery.
  27. Community
    Bow and Finale Sued for Noise ViolationsNeighbors are pissed.
  28. Bam
    Macy’s Gives Emeril Lagasse the BootThe store’s dropping his cookware line from 800 stores.
  29. Sued
    Mother and Daughter Crack Coca-Cola’s Bottle Cap ContestThey scammed the company out of over $200,000.
  30. Sued
    Lavo Hostess Sues Club for Causing Hearing LossReally? Really.
  31. Sued
    McDonald’s Lied About Selling Halal FoodIt’ll cost the company $700,000 to settle allegations.
  32. Lawsuits
    Rich Guy Sues Wine Storage Facility Flooded by SandyIt wasn’t a very good year for his collection.