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Styrofoam Ban

  1. Foam Party
    Styrofoam Containers Are Here to StayThe de Blasio administration has been denied once again.
  2. Foam Party
    New York City’s Styrofoam Ban Is OverA Manhattan Supreme Court justice has ruled that the ban on polystyrene foam containers is arbitrary, and says recycling the foam could save the city $400,000 per year.
  3. In The Foaming
    Citywide Styrofoam-Container Ban Expected to PassThe American Chemistry Council and foam-cup-makers have given up.
  4. Unlidded
    Restaurant Owners Were Sought to Give Voice to Chemical Trade AssociationHospitality-industry group, chemical lobbyists: What’s the difference?
  5. Bans
    Foam-Container Supporters Exist, Stage Intrepid Rally at City HallThey won’t clam up on the issue.