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  1. stunts
    How the Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream WonAmerica wasn’t ready to love it, but in the end, we didn’t stand a chance.
  2. Video Feed
    Watch Key and Peele Go Crazy Eating Hot Wings” … let’s just be honest for a moment, you put battery acid in here … “
  3. Serious Food Experiments
    New York Post Forces Reporter to Endure French-Fry Feeding FrenzyIs the paper attempting a human version of BuzzFeed’s exploding-watermelon experiment?
  4. The Chain Gang
    Arby’s Is Trolling Vegetarians With an All-Bread SandwichIt half-seriously plans to offer a special meatless menu on Leap Day.
  5. Stunts
    Inside the World of Pay-for-Play Food InstagrammingRestaurants are desperately courting “influencers.”
  6. Oh Deer
    A Vermont Chef Is Putting Roadkill on a $75 Prix Fixe MenuThis is peak food waste.
  7. Stunts
    Do You Have What It Takes to Be Carnegie Deli’s Pickle Mascot? [Updated]Interviews for its first official mascot start tomorrow.
  8. Video Feed
    Slate’s Pop-Tarts BLT Doesn’t Actually Look So TerribleThe General Tso’s Pop-Tart, on the other hand, is kind of an abomination.
  9. Stunts
    The Hottest Shot in New York?“Everybody drinks it, but very few people leave in good condition.”
  10. Stunts
    The Man vs. Food EffectHow many bowls of deadly hot curry does Brick Lane go through a night?
  11. Stunts
    Gurgitators Barred From Cupcake-Eating Contest, Will Have to Down Curry InsteadPlus, an epic cupcake crawl.
  12. Stunts
    Mystery Foodie Pays $100,000 for Batali, Chang, and Colicchio CollaborationWas it Rachael Ray?
  13. Stunts
    PETA Goes After ‘Live’ Seafood JointsFirst the ASPCA came after Sushi Uo, and now this.
  14. Stunts
    Man Eats Pizza, and Nothing But Pizza, for a MonthThe latest food-blogger stunt.
  15. Stunts
    Ruff Times: Freelance Journalist Eats Dog Food for SurvivalA reporter hosts a “fancy feast.”
  16. Stunts
    Post–Hill Country Challenge, Where Can You Eat Big for Free?At Kenka, the jumbo curry is free if you finish it within twenty minutes.
  17. Stunts
    Hill Country Ups the Ante on ‘Feed Your Face’ ChallengeA competitive eater was able to finish two pounds of meat in around eight minutes.
  18. Stunts
    Ask Samantha Henig If the Miracle Cleanse Is Right for YouA writer goes on the Miracle Cleanse and decides it’s a training camp for anorexics.
  19. Stunts
    New Yorker Poised to Outgorge Sheepish LondonerUSA! USA!
  20. Stunts
    When You’re Proposing to Someone, Remind Them You Have Rooftop Pool AccessThe most meatpacking-ish marriage proposal ever.
  21. Stunts
    How to Win Friends and Free FoodAn NYU senior attempts to go a week without spending money and without going hungry.
  22. Stunts
    Snugly MofosThe Snuggie bar crawl went down this Saturday and Tim Murphy was there to, er, cover it.
  23. Stunts
    And You Thought Padma’s Burger Sploshing Was HotAn Indian woman rubbed 24 chiles in her eyes while Gordon Ramsay watched.
  24. Marketing Gimmicks
    Half-a-Man vs. Food: The Ottomaneli Brothers ChallengeA New York Knick fails to down the 24-ounce steak burger.