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Stunt Foods

  1. the chain gang
    Has the Era of Whimsical Starbucks Frappuccinos Already Come to an End?It’s planning to cut the number of limited-time stunt drinks by 30 percent this year.
  2. stunt foods
    This $10,000 Burger Actually Exists for a Good ReasonAt least it was six figures benefiting breast cancer.
  3. stunt foods
    Mexican Chef Can’t Get Anyone to Eat His $25,000 TacoWait, a gold-infused tortilla filled with Kobe beef, caviar, and truffles doesn’t sound good to you either?
  4. stunt foods
    Nestlé Is Making Kit Kat ‘Sushi’ Bars in JapanTwo of life’s biggest cravings finally available as one.
  5. Restaurant Creates 100-Pound Burger Just to Troll Its CustomersAnd, surprisingly, to help fight hunger.
  6. Tie Ins
    Of Course Japan Gets Captain America–Themed RamenThe Marvel-branded stunt noodles come from Ippudo, no less.
  7. The Chain Gang
    Japanese Burger Chain Rereleases All-Time Most Terrifying SandwichThe “Burger With Everything on It” is back.
  8. The Chain Gang
    A National Burger Chain Is Rolling Out a Knockoff Ramen BurgerBetter late than never.
  9. Stunt Foods
    A Japanese Chef Created Chocolate Ramen for Valentine’s DayIt’s sure to make for a bittersweet dinner date.
  10. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Japan Needs a Name for Its New Potato-Topped Stunt BurgerSomething catchier than “Juicy Beef Burger With Hot Potatoes Grown in Hokkaido, Cheddar Cheese, and Specially Made Onion Sauce Flavored With Burnt Soy Sauce.”
  11. Taste Tests
    The $100 Golden Doughnut Is a Spectacle Pastry That’s Surprisingly GoodOur restaurant critic reviews the latest internet sensation.