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  1. insights
    How Our Friends Affect Our FoodTastes change. Our companions are a major reason why.
  2. chicken nuggets
    Americans Are Officially Falling Out of Love With Chicken NuggetsPeople prefer their poultry in “strip” form now.
  3. studies
    Is Sweetgreen Fast Food?A CDC report on adult Americans’ eating habits lumped the salad chain in with the likes of McDonald’s.
  4. studies
    New Study Reveals Exactly How Much the 2016 Election Ruined ThanksgivingA “creepy” new report shows that postelection dinners were much shorter than usual.
  5. beverage battles
    New Report Says Millennials Hate Iced Tea NowCold brew is the new king of chilled caffeination.
  6. news you can’t booze
    Terrifying New Study Breaks Down Exactly How Drinking Can Shorten Your LifeThat extra glass of wine could shave 15 minutes off your life.
  7. health concerns
    America’s Obesity Epidemic Is Only Getting WorseNew research is incredibly alarming.
  8. pollution
    Very Alarming Study Finds Microplastics in 93 Percent of Bottled WaterResearchers fished particles out of 11 top worldwide brands.
  9. science
    Can a Silicon Valley Start-up Invent the First Drug to Treat Peanut Allergies?A new treatment looks promising.
  10. studies
    Exciting New Study Claims Cheese May Do Wonders for Your HeartResearchers say even a small piece per day could reduce risk of heart disease.
  11. science
    Study Confirms Women Are Also Better Than Men at EatingThe CDC says their diets are likelier to include enough fruits and vegetables.
  12. science
    Another Study Suggests Coffee Is Really Great for Your HeartA cup a day is linked to lower risk of heart failure and stroke.
  13. health concerns
    Researchers Are Now Finding ‘Shocking Numbers’ of Microfibers in ShellfishPacific oysters and clams are at an average of eight particles apiece.
  14. science
    You Can Blame Coffee for Intensifying Your Sweet ToothNew research found that caffeine numbs the body’s ability to sense sweetness.
  15. science
    People Really Love This Study That Claims Coffee Might Prevent Early DeathWho doesn’t want four cups if it could cut risk of mortality by 64 percent?
  16. science
    Scientists Figured Out the Optimal Length of Time to Dunk an OreoLeave it in milk for four seconds.
  17. New Research Shows That Adults Are Getting Clobbered by Food AllergiesSevere reactions rose 377 percent in the last decade, and a third were by adults.
  18. A New Study Says Meal-Kit Services Could Actually Make You HappierPeople feel good when other people do things for them, like shopping for dinner.
  19. the chain gang
    In Unsurprising News, Working at Breastaurants Is Bad for Women’s Mental Health“We want to raise awareness about the negative impact that these types of restaurant environments may have on female servers.”
  20. that stinks
    Just Smelling Food Could Make You Gain WeightA new study found it can convince the body to store fat instead of burn it.
  21. news you can booze
    $100 Million Study Will Determine Once and for All If Alcohol Is HealthyOnly minor problem: It’s majority-funded by the liquor industry.
  22. French Fries Linked to Higher Risk of Death, Still Being Goddamn DeliciousDying young never tasted so good.
  23. studies
    7 Percent of American Adults Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown CowsThe real question: Where do they think strawberry milk comes from?
  24. studies
    Kids Who Drink Milk Alternatives Might Be ShorterA study says 3-year-olds who drink regular milk are half an inch taller, on average.
  25. science
    Drink Coffee If You Want to Work Out BetterA new study shows that even caffeine addicts still get an energy boost from a pre-workout cup.
  26. studies
    Grim New Study Links Diet Sodas to Heart and Brain DiseasesIt found that the risk of both is three times higher for daily diet-soda drinkers.
  27. food politics
    A New Study Says the Trans-Fat Ban Is Working to Reduce Heart AttacksAnother nail in the coffin for hydrogenated oils.
  28. food waste
    Just a Buck Invested in Reducing Food Waste Can Save Companies $14Some hard data on why curbing waste is a smart business plan.
  29. health concerns
    Your Gluten-Free Diet Probably Exposes You to a Bunch of Arsenic and MercuryA new study suggests it’s an “unintended consequence” of eating that diet.
  30. sweet science
    Here’s How Science Says to Achieve the Perfect Ketchup PourA professor gets all Newton on a bottle of Heinz.
  31. health concerns
    Bad News: You’re Probably Eating Fleece Every Time You Have SeafoodResearch shows you’re getting more out of that Patagonia jacket than you bargained for.
  32. health concerns
    New Reason to Avoid Fast Food: Half of Wrappers Have Chemicals Linked to CancerA new study found PFCs in a wide range of food packaging.
  33. studies
    Scientists Find More Proof Eating Hot Peppers May Prolong LifeA new study says that people who eat them are 13 percent less likely to die.
  34. minimum wage
    New Studies Argue a Higher Minimum Wage Could Backfire on Fast-Food WorkersEmployers might just replace them with higher-skilled workers, for one.
  35. bad news
    Grim New Study Links a ‘Common’ Food Additive to CancerEmulsifiers used to extend shelf life can “promote colorectal cancer” in mice.
  36. studies
    Energy Drinks Look to Be Even Worse for You Than Previously ThoughtDoctors warn they could cause acute liver damage.
  37. gmos
    New Report Suggests GMOs Have Had Zero Effect on Lowering Pesticide UseOr, for that matter, increased crop yields.
  38. science
    Truly Depressing Study Says This Is As Skinny As You’ll Get All YearIt’s going to take until April to lose the weight you gain over the holidays.
  39. news you can booze
    Alcohol’s Health Benefits May Be ‘Grossly Oversold’ by Industry-Funded ResearchExperts claim that argument “has really fallen apart in the last couple years.”
  40. sham science
    How the Sugar Industry Spent Decades Manipulating Health StudiesIt starts with bribing scientists to blame saturated fat.
  41. science
    Scientists Now Believe ‘Starchy’ Is the 6th TasteIt joins the ranks of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami.
  42. Some Surprising News About the Deformed Vegetables You Find in Grocery StoresDon’t judge a book by its cover, etc.
  43. don’t have a cow
    Scientists Swear Cockroach Milk Is the Next Big SuperfoodIt apparently packs triple the energy of regular cow milk.
  44. everything is terrible
    Very Depressing New Study Links Alcohol to 7 Forms of CancerEven moderate drinkers are at risk.
  45. health concerns
    Here’s Another Horrible Health Issue Linked to SodaPeople who drink two or more sodas a day are nearly twice as likely to get biliary-tract cancer.
  46. studies
    Science Says Eating Your Veggies Makes You a Happier PersonNew research suggests a “psychological payoff now,” not just improved health later.
  47. Studies
    Researchers Warn of New E. Coli Strain That Can ‘Survive Cooking’It can apparently resist temperatures up to 160 degrees.
  48. Seafood Struggles
    Ocean’s Fish Now Addicted to Eating PlasticThis can’t be good.
  49. Studies
    Top Scientific Panel Says GMOs Aren’t RiskyThey’re not harmful, but they’re also not yielding more crops.
  50. Food Safety
    Your Burger Might Have a Little Rat or Human in ItA new study could convince you to call off that cookout.
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