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    Golden Krust Founder Found Dead of Apparent SuicideLowell Hawthorne, who started the chain in 1989, was 57.
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    Strip Search: Doing Some Drinkin’ at Rose & Lincoln, VeniceWe long ago gave up on trying to cram into Venice Beach Wines. Now we do our drinking at Whole Foods!
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    La Colmena: Milpas Street’s Next Super Taqueria, Santa BarbaraFor long-term or long-gone Super Rica fans who avoid the restaurant at the cost of denying themselves a great Mexican meal, meet your new alternative.
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    Strip Search: 9000 Block of Bolsa Ave. Little Saigon, WestminsterWhere to find Northern Viet specialties, hot loaves of stunning tofu, and the intimidating delicacy balut in Orange County.
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    Strip Search: 3300-3400 Overland Avenue, PalmsThe once-lackluster street has seen a food revolution of its own with the introduction of Roy Choi’s rice bowls and Matt Kang’s coffee and ice cream shop.
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    Strip Search: The 1700 Block of Westwood Blvd.Where to get kebab in Indonesian, Persian, and Lebanese flavors on Westwood Blvd.
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    Strip Search: Mitsuwa Mar Vista for Breakfast, Lunch, and DinnerWhere to buy a Japanese smart-toilet, skewered pork belly, Samurai epics, whole sculpin, discount uni, a plush Mario doll, Japanese pastries, and arguably the town’s best bowl of ramen under one roof.
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    Strip Search: Hillhurst Avenue, Los FelizWhere to get James Beard Award-winning tacos, a heart-warming lunch, and an affordable Maudite on the adorable Los Feliz street.
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    Strip Search: Cypress ParkWhere to get fried potato tacos, ceviche, inexpensive pupusas, and an all-around dependable Mexican cafe in the Northeast L.A. neighborhood.
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    Strip Search: Sepulveda Blvd. & Washington Place, Culver CityWhere to find gringo tacos, tongue tortas, and a different kind of vintage French dip in Culver City.
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    Strip Search: Santa Monica Blvd. & Federal Ave., West L.A.Where to get inexpensive, dedicated sushi, homey Thai, and the Westside’s best Vietnamese restaurant won Santa Monica Blvd.
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    Strip Search: Hollywood Blvd., Thai TownWhere to get a bovine super bowl of blood-infused boat noodles, a late-night bite, and morning glory salad at Thai Town’s holy trinity of C-Grade restaurants.
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    Strip Search: King Harbor & The Redondo Beach PierWhere to find live shellfish and sea urchin, Russian treats and beer, real Hawaiian coffee, and an old school Reagle Beagle vibe in The South Bay.
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    Strip Search: Avenues 56 to 61, Highland ParkWhere to find great tacos, Vietnamese-American comfort food, and an old-school pizza parlor in Northeast L.A.
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    Strip Search: 3575-3357 Wilshire Blvd., KoreatownWhere to find Cajun seafood, Korean porridge, and molten-hot soon tofu soup with a side of bulgogi in Koreatown.
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    Strip Search: Culver City IndianCulver City has become the new go-to grounds for great Indian cooking in L.A.
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    Strip Search: Down Home, Marina del ReyA look into great Cajun po’ boys, fine fried chicken, and some sloppy barbecue served in Marina del Rey.
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    Strip Search: Pigging Out on Pico, Mid-CityThree restaurant suggestions to fill your stomach beyond all points comfortable with hybrid, hot dogs, chicken and waffles, and 99-cent neck bones.
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    Strip Search: Little Osaka, West L.A.Great cheap eats options for sushi, yakitori, Japanese curry, and groceries in West L.A.
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    Strip Search: Venice BoardwalkWhere to get freshly squeezed juice, shrimp and mango quesadillas, pupusas, and great fries while avoiding Venice Beach’s tourist traps.
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    Strip Search: A Russian Slice of Sunset Blvd.Where to find Russian smoked ribs and fish, baked kefir, carafes of vodka, and freshly baked rye bread in West Hollywood.
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    Strip Search: 4500 Block of South CentinelaWhere to get authentic Mexican seafood, inexpensive goat tacos, and sushi specials on the southern end of this Westside street.
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    Strip Search: Sunset Blvd., Silver LakeWhere to find ceviche, Vietnamese, and Southwest-influence Mexican cuisine in the bulls-eye of hipsterdom.
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    Strip Search: 10800 Block of Venice Blvd., Palms and Culver CityThree suggestions that will fill you full of yak meat, lamb, and Brazilian pizza.
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    Strip Search: Highland Park’s York Blvd.Where to browse vintage sodas and try some of L.A.’s favorite Mexican eats in one afternoon.
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    Strip Search: West L.A. Mexican Part IThree options to get your Oaxacan on west of the 405 and one stand-out chain that works like a machine.
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    Strip Search: Pico-UnionWhere to get Guatemalan fried chicken, Salvadoran pupusas, Mexican pastries, and Nicaraguan tamales within a mile of each other.
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    Strip Search: Washington Blvd. To Washington PlaceWhere to find cheap eats when traveling from western Culver City to Mar Vista.