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  1. Foodies with Benefits
    Patrón’s Rolling Into Town With A Tequila Train And A Good CauseSusan Feniger will cater two nights of events, with proceeds going to The Gulf.
  2. Donate While Dining
    Where to Dine Out for The Gulf This WeekThe Bazaar, Susan Feniger’s Street, and Michael’s are all in.
  3. Pith and Feniger
    What Turned French-Trained Feniger into One Hot Tamale?The most recent cast-off from Top Chef Masters explains the evolution of her cooking career.
  4. The Other Critics
    First & Hope Grabs Gold’s Ring; Alan Richman Blew the San GabrielGold is split over Shelly Cooper’s food and calls out a writer at GQ for his Chinese food coverage.
  5. TV Land
    Susan Feniger Throws Top Chef Masters Premiere Party at StreetWatch the famous Border Grill and Street chef on television while eating her food.
  6. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Season 2 Cast Is Decidedly Short on San FranciscansNot a single Bay Area chef numbers among the 22 new and returning chef-testants.
  7. The Other Critics
    The L.A. Times Enjoys Stefan Richter’s Small Plates; Feniger’s StreetVirbila takes a shine to Stefan’s at L.A. Farm, while J. Gold reviews Susan Feniger’s first solo restaurant.
  8. Menu Changes
    Street’s Summer EatsSusan Feniger breaks the spine on a new summer lunch menu
  9. Truckin’
    20 Free Tacos for Border Grill’s 1000th Truck TweeterBorder Grill offers 20 free tacos to their next Twitter follower.