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  1. streeteries
    Outdoor Dining Is Officially Here to StayNew York City lawmakers voted to approve a bill that makes sidewalk (and street) eating permanent.
  2. streeteries
    Dining Sheds Still Aren’t Permanent. But They Aren’t Illegal Either.An emergency order set to expire today is getting renewed while the push to make streeteries permanent inches forward.
  3. outdoor dining
    A Streetery MenagerieOne new form, 18 distinctive variations.
  4. lawsuits
    An Anti-Streetery Lawsuit Has Been DismissedNew York can move ahead with a bill to make its Open Restaurants program permanent.
  5. reopening
    Will Our Streeteries Become Siberias?The city is cracking down. Customers are headed indoors. It could be a long, lonely winter for New York’s outdoor diners.
  6. first taste
    A Stylish Streetery and a Taste of Rome at ForsythiaThe fresh pasta is the thing at this unlikely new Lower East Side destination.
  7. streeteries
    What Happens If Outdoor Dining Pauses in New York?People need spaces to gather. Do we want to see what happens when those go away?
  8. streeteries
    Inside the Bubbles: Everything You Need to Know About Those Plastic Dining TentsDo they count as outdoor dining?