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  1. report
    Last Stand of the Hot Dog King“This is like the Alamo.”
  2. commentary
    Nobody Wins When Cops Harass Fruit VendorsOutrage was sparked by the arrest of María Falcon, a street vendor who works in a Brooklyn subway station.
  3. street vendors
    New York’s Street Vendors Just Scored a Major VictoryThe City Council voted to increase the permit cap by 4,000 licenses.
  4. street vendor project
    The Street Vendors Who Are Fighting Against HungerA new program is spearheaded by the same people it aims to help.
  5. street vendors
    The NYPD Is Still Ticketing Street Vendors After AllThe mayor’s June promises have yet to be fulfilled.
  6. street vendors
    NYPD Will No Longer Be Involved in Street Vendor Enforcement“Moving vendor enforcement away from NYPD is a welcomed decision, but we await further details of the replacement plan.”
  7. street vendors
    Street-Vendor Organizations Declare Support for Black Lives Matter“We condemn the violence and brutality police are using against those fighting for the right to exist.”
  8. one last hoorah
    The Vendys, New York’s Great Celebration of Street Food, Will End This Year“We kind of feel, honestly, that the Vendys have mostly accomplished, if you will, what we set out to do 15 years ago.”
  9. food politics
    Meet the Politician Fighting for Your Favorite Street FoodThe Democratic nominee from Queens wants the city and state to do more for these small businesses.
  10. The City’s Health Department Wants to Track Street Food Vendors With GPS DevicesSeveral vendors running the carts are immigrants who are afraid that ICE will use the tracking information against them.
  11. video feed
    Check Out a Cool 3-D Art Tribute to NYC’s Immigrant Street VendorsWashington Square Park’s famed Dosa Man is featured.
  12. crowdfunding
    There’s a GoFundMe to Send This Popular Halal-Cart Worker on VacationHe told the New York Times his family dreams of taking a Caribbean cruise.
  13. the urbanist
    This Is the Global Street Food Chefs Rack Up Miles ForMade-to-order eel omelets in Kyoto and roadside beef skewers in Lagos that will make you cry.
  14. Lawsuits
    A Food-Cart Vendor Is Demanding $1 Million Over Seized Icees“They took my Icees and threw them away as if they meant nothing.”
  15. Video Feed
    This Animated Short Explains Why It’s So Hard to Be a Street Vendor in NYCThere’s a new campaign calling for the city to raise the number of permits.
  16. Aluminum Foiled Again
    City Changes Rules to Crack Down on Food Vendors Who Owe FinesOf the $4.8 million in fines issued last year, the agency collected $1.2 million.
  17. The Future
    Upper East Side Resident Floats Ridiculous Plan for Street Vendor ConformityMaybe they should also be forced to wear uniforms!
  18. Truckin’
    Authorities Are Once Again Cracking Down on New York’s Food TrucksIs there a new, post-Sandy crackdown on food trucks in New York City?
  19. Foodievents
    Vendy Award Nominations Close TomorrowNominate your favorite vendor today! Or tomorrow, at least, before close of day.
  20. Truckin’
    Vendy Awards Announce Rookie of the Year FinalistsAnd they’re not just the usual suspects.
  21. Beef
    Feud Between Halal Cart and Plein Sud Is Uglier Than We KnewA Tunisian and a Frenchman are at odds on Chambers Street.
  22. Truckin’
    Argentine Truck Will Bring ‘Empanada Paradise’ to Union SquarePlus, a foodie flea market you didn’t know about.
  23. Cartography
    Inside the Life (and Wallet) of a Street VendorHow much does a hired hand at a midtown lunch cart make per week?
  24. Health Concerns
    Health Department Declines to Reinstate Pee-nut Man’s PermitFor this line of work, you truly do have to be nuts 4 nuts.
  25. Cartography
    Cooked Fish Back on Street-Vendor MenusOopsie, says the Health Department.
  26. Cartography
    Health Department Bars Street Vendors From Selling SeafoodAlso at risk: unrefrigerated prepared fruits and vegetables.
  27. Beef
    Vendors Protest Cops on the Street-Meat BeatIs the NYPD trying to push street vendors off the street?
  28. Truckin’
    Today in Cutesy Concepts: Frites and Meats, Plus 3rd Ward’s MysteryA couple of quirky street-food projects to report.
  29. TV Land
    Tyra Banks Hits the Food Trucks“Vendrification” gets its big moment on the idiot box.
  30. Terminology
    The Birth of VendrificationA new word has been added to the foodie lexicon.
  31. Empire Building
    Colicchio Conquers High Line: ’wichcraft and Craftsteak Set Up ShopA new stand is selling everything from soup and sandwiches to (later on) cider and doughnuts.
  32. Beef
    Street-Vendor Scuffles Result in Court, Knife FightsA halal-chicken vendor slashes a rival with a butcher’s knife.
  33. Now Delivering
    Super Tacos Starts Downtown DeliveryThe delivery number is now in service.
  34. Truckin’
    Super Tacos Parks Second Truck DowntownA Vendy nominee is now delivering to the West Village.
  35. Truckin’
    Schnitzel Truck Is Involved in Another DustupThe latest battle in the food-truck wars.
  36. Trimmings
    Dunkin’ Donuts Soils Last Sacred ThingThey’ve got the street vendors now.
  37. Truckin’
    Get Ready for the Swedish-Meatballs TruckA Northern European food truck is about to hit Williamsburg.
  38. Cartography
    Food-Cart After-Party“The food’s good, but it’s more than just the food itself. You get to see hot girls.”
  39. Truckin’
    Has the Food-Truck Backlash Officially Begun?The Post lashes out at “twee” food trucks, and the trucks fight back.
  40. Cartography
    Bold New Concepts: The Steamy Corn CartA healthy snack consisting of butter, salt, Parmesan, chile pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder.
  41. Cartology
    Yesterday It Was ‘Doughnut Wars,’ Today It’s ‘FruitA trio of fruit vendors in midtown are having trouble getting along.
  42. Awards
    Vendys Are Revving UpNominations are being taken. Judges have been announced. And discount tickets are now available!
  43. User’s Guide
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Street Vending (But Were Too BusyAn awesome new pamphlet offers a brief history of the New York City street vendor. Did you know Jay-Z was one?
  44. Hoaxes
    Nuts4WeedNuts vendors dealing weed — too good to be true?
  45. Mmm donuts
    A Moment of Appreciation: Doughnuts on a StickEven cooler than fishball skewers?
  46. Midtown Madness
    No Coffee for You!A street cart has banned Lehman Brothers reporters.
  47. Cartology
    Shocker: Street Vendors Not the CleanestAccording to ‘Inside Edition,’ those dirty-water dogs are ACTUALLY DIRTY.
  48. Foodievents
    Singapore’s Street Vendors Fly 9,500 Miles to School YouLearn how to make fried carrot cake!
  49. Mediavore
    East Side Vendor Owes City Thousands; Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are EverywhereAnd a street vendor who owes the city $16,000 in fines, discounted wines at Country, and more, in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  50. Mediavore
    Starbucks Closes for Training, Dunkin’ Hopes to Benefit; Late-Night Eating NotEvery Starbucks location in the country will be closed from 5:30 to 8:30 this evening, and Dunkin’ Donuts is sure to reap the benefits by offering small espresso drinks for 99 cents. [Snack] Though restaurants seem to be recession-proof, consumers’ budgets and diets are not. Soaring food prices — milk costs 36 percent more now than it did a year ago — have some New Yorkers changing their grocery habits and eating out less. [NYDN] Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a proposal yesterday to give 1,000 new licenses to street vendors who will sell produce items in neighborhoods with high rates of obesity and heart disease. [Metro NY]
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