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Strand Brewing Co

  1. Beer Me
    The Dudes’ Brewing Co. Launches This Weekend in South BayHead brewer Jeff Parker was originally the mastermind behind Strand Brewing Co.
  2. Beer Me
    Strand Brewing Joining Upper West for Beer DinnerUpper West Santa Monica hosts Strand Brewing Co. dinner.
  3. Beer Me
    Golden Road Staging ‘Better Weather Fest’ in SeptemberIt’s sort of an Americanized version of Oktoberfest, without the oompah and funny costumes.
  4. Beer Me
    20 Things We Vaguely Recall Learning at Downtown’s Craft Beer CrawlCask-brewed ales, hops-infused lip balm, controversial pupusas, and Jesus freaks were all part of the action.
  5. Beer Me
    Strand Brewing Co. Tells Would-Be Beer Makers ‘Don’t Do What We Did’After a botched call between wives, the two partners launched a beer business with no plan or money.