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Stoner Foods

  1. taste test
    Twinkies Cereal Is America’s Next Great Stoner FoodYes, this is a real product and yes it’s actually good.
  2. Spot Check
    Spot Check: South Philadelphia Tap Room, 6 p.m., Thursday, 6/9The menu of stoner snacks included Chef Schroeder’s elusive chicken-fried cheesesteak.
  3. Sweet News
    Chefs Come to the Rescue of Beleaguered Tasty Baking Co.Matt Levin and other like-minded chefs are saving Tasty Baking Co. with culinary creations that incorporate the iconic Philadelphia snacks.
  4. Mediavore
    Oysters and Other Foods Perceived as Aphrodisiacs May Actually Boost the Libido;Plus: Chicken nuggets and other processed foods make kids stupid; and Sysco profits slip and the price of food escalates, all in our morning news roundup.