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  1. Top Chef
    The Fabio ShowStefan might have a dubiously titled book coming out, but his Euro bro Fabio is getting his own TV show.
  2. Top Chef
    Cheftestants Now Free to Make Out All Over the PlaceStefan tongues lesbian, Hosea and Leah tongue each other.
  3. Beef
    Pino Luongo Demands Stefan of Top Chef Change Book Title (and OpensAnthony Bourdain’s former boss and the author of ‘Dirty Dishes’, is flabbergasted that a Top Chef is using the title of his memoir.
  4. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Did the Villain Ever Stand a Chance?Would the judges really have let a rogue like Stefan be the face of the ‘Top Chef’ franchise?
  5. Top Chef
    Finale (Part 2)Our recap of the season five: New York finale.
  6. Top Chef
    Hootie HooMore intel from Carla’s NPR taping.
  7. Top Chef
    Top Chef Baldies Charm Our ‘Hot Half-Asian Chick’ Reporter atStefan says he wouldn’t move to New York for a million dollars.
  8. Top Chef
    The Last SupperWe talk with Platt about last night’s episode.
  9. Top Chef
    Adam Platt Wants to Know, Who Was Really on the Top Chef Futon?Was that really Hosea making out with Leah?
  10. Top Chef
    Gail’s Bridal ShowerWe discuss the latest episode with the magazine’s esteemed critic.
  11. Top Chef
    Stefan the Not-So-Terrible?This week on Top Chef, he makes some pants for Jamie’s teddy bear. Um…
  12. Top Chef Chat
    Adam Platt Sees a Kinder, Gentler ‘Top Chef,’ Evil Baldy AsideThe new season of ‘Top Chef’ is finally upon us. Adam Platt rejoins us for a post-show chat.