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  1. Deals
    Stefan Richter Celebrates Himself With a $15 Three-Course Menu, April 9 and 10The Finnish Top Chef reprobate is celebrating his anniversary in this country with his native dishes.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Stefan Richter Gets Ripped“The guy is a…bastard,” says C.J. Jacobson.
  3. Art Bites
    Stefan Richter Buys a BanksyThe Top Chef brought the artist’s Grannies home for his collection.
  4. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Shares His Newfound HateCurrently, the Top Chef scoundrel despises food trucks and molecular gastronomy, and would rather eat in New York anyway.
  5. Inedible Apps
    Where Giada and Stefan Richter Eat in L.A.The Top Chef villain finds the best steak and spuds on earth at The Galley.
  6. Foodies With Benefits
    Top Chef Vets Rally for Common Threads This TuesdayThe organization teaches low income children how to cook and eat nutritiously.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Stefan Richter Didn’t Want To Win Top Chef AnywayThe chef sounds off on the negative aspect of conquering the show.
  8. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Hosting Top Chef Finland, Hints at Mid-February RestaurantStefan Richter will play the part of Tom Colicchio on the Scandinavian version of the Bravo hit.
  9. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter: Out with the Old, In With a SteakhouseStefan’s on Montana is closed, but a steakhouse could be rolling out soon.
  10. Contests
    We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to Great Chefs of L.A.!The winner picked a heavily-accented chef whose furry face graces a U.S. postal stamp.
  11. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    What You Missed By Turning Stefan Richter DownThe Top Chef villain has a girlfriend who suffered a first date to Denny’s.
  12. Foodies With Benefits
    Get 30% Off Tickets To ‘Great Chefs of L.A.’ From Grub StreetWe help you score a deep discount to dining with over 30 chefs and 34 beverage suppliers.
  13. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Jamie Lauren Joins Venice’s BeechwoodAlready the chef has retooled the gastro-pub’s burger and promises a finished menu by the end of this weekend.
  14. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Shares His Passions and Dark SidesThe Father’s Office chef likes Santouka and Del Taco, but hates the beach and possibly people too.
  15. Mediavore
    Vince Neil Arrested For DUI; Stefan Richter Scores Cameo on EntourageThe Motley Crue singer was celebrating a new album called “Tatoos and Tequila” while the Top Chef horndog is making his HBO debut.
  16. Mediavore
    Shrek Sells Kids on Onions; Stefan Richter’s EntouragePlus: Chef Susan Spicer sues BP, and the EU tries to eliminate selling eggs by the dozen, in our daily roundup of food news.
  17. Foodievents
    Chefs and Cooking Superstars Invade Upcoming Festival of BooksMark Peel and Alice Waters headline on the cooking stage after Top Chef vets warm it up.
  18. Trends
    Is Downtown L.A.’s New Culinary Center?Culinary innovation comes from all corners of L.A.
  19. Awards
    Jordan Kahn Wins ‘Best Dish’ at StarChefs GalaA pastry chef takes home “Best Dish” honors for the first time.
  20. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Might Venture Past the 405 for Another RestaurantWill Top Chef’s loudest loud-mouth fit in West Hollywood?
  21. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Villains: Marcel Creates Menu for Bar 210; Richter OpensA global tapas place is planned by Marcel right after Stefan opens a fondue joint.
  22. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Doubles Down with a New Santa Monica RestaurantThe Top Chef villain will serve breakfast and lunch on trendy Montana.
  23. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Misses the Momentum of (His First) Opening DayThe Gorbals is suffering from its early setbacks.
  24. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Why Stefan Richter Loves ThanksgivingStefan Richter shares a dirty little holiday memory.
  25. Contests
    Evan Kleiman Organizes a Pie Fight142 pies will be judged by the likes of Stefan Richter, Mark Peel, and Eric Greenspan.
  26. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef’s Brian Malarkey Plans First Restaurant, Cow TesticlesHis first venture, also featuring burgers and hot dogs, will be in San Diego.
  27. The Other Critics
    J. Gold Teaches East L.A. Burritos 101; Virbila Is Smitten by StefanJonathan Gold tells L.A. what a burrito is, while L.A. Times finds Stefan Richter is brilliant by staying safe.
  28. Freebies
    Chefs Couple with Growers at Brentwood Farmer’s MarketLocal chefs team with farmers for a free Toyota-sponsored tasting.
  29. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Knows That You Know He Won ‘Top Chef’Stefan Richter on living in L.A. and 70’s prog-rock.
  30. Radio Craves
    Good Food Stars Stefan Richter on Finnish Pie, J. Gold onStefan Richter lands on a star-studded foodie radio show.
  31. Foodievents
    What to Eat at Harvest in CarmelSome chefs from the Bay Area and Los Angeles give a preview of what they’ll be making for this weekend’s tasting event.
  32. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter is Not Serving a ‘Gay Drink’ at L.A. FarmStefan Richter defends his pink cocktail.
  33. The Other Critics
    The L.A. Times Enjoys Stefan Richter’s Small Plates; Feniger’s StreetVirbila takes a shine to Stefan’s at L.A. Farm, while J. Gold reviews Susan Feniger’s first solo restaurant.
  34. Openings
    What to Eat at Stefan’s at L.A. FarmStefan Richter is back with some new dishes.
  35. Openings
    Book a Table at Stefan’s at L.A. Farm, Starting TomorrowRichter is ready to re-open the farm.
  36. TV Land
    Padma’s New Sitcom: The Pilot Revealed!We imagine the initial script for Padma Lakshmi’s upcoming sitcom.
  37. Other Cities
    Stefan Richter’s Restaurant: California Cuisine and Milwaukee’s BestPlus, recaps of last night’s ‘Top Chef: Masters.’
  38. Top Chef
    Stefan Richter on His Memoir, His New Restaurant, and, of Course, the LadiesStefan Richter tells us why he hasn’t finished his memoir, and talks about winning over lesbians: “It’s all about being charming.”
  39. Top Chef
    Top Chef: The MagazineComing to a newsstand near you, thanks to the editors of ‘Food & Wine.’
  40. Twitterverse
    Star-Tweeting Runs Rampant at Minetta TavernA perfect storm of celebrities and stalkers.
  41. Twitterverse
    Richard Blais: The Baddest Effin’ Chef on Twitter?The former Top Chef doesn’t hesitate to talk smack about his patrons AND his staff.
  42. Top Chef
    Stefan Tells Us What We Want to Hear About Hosea’Top Chef Masters’ promises to be a lovefest, but last year’s villain is still talking smack.
  43. Foodievents
    Stefan Richter in the House: Evil Baldie Joins Forces With Green FairyStefan Richter will be playing with absinthe.
  44. Top Chef Season Five
    Top Chef Runners-up SpeakWe speak to the two cheftestants who got burned in the final challenge of the season.
  45. NewsFeed
    ‘Top Chef’ Season-Five Participants Outed?; Spike’s BurgersYour new participants might include Danny Gagnon and CIA student Patrick Dunlea.