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  1. reopening
    Bars and Restaurants Are Pushing Back Against the SLAStronger enforcement creates new headaches for operators.
  2. coronavirus
    Here’s How Delivery and Takeout Alcohol Sales Will WorkThe New York State Liquor Authority is temporarily allowing bars and restaurants to add alcohol to their takeout and delivery menus.
  3. news you can booze
    State Liquor Authority Say $1 Happy Hour Is Probably IllegalTurns out that New York bars are prohibited from discounting drinks by more than half.
  4. Drunk Santas
    Officials Want the State Liquor Authority to Help Control SantaConBar owners stand to lose their licenses if things get too rowdy.
  5. Take a Bow
    SLA May Revoke EMM Group’s Liquor License at FinaleResidents of 199 Bowery are mad as hell and aren’t going to take the techno-thump anymore.
  6. Openings
    Pleasure Island Remains Deserted in Gravesend“In Russia, ‘pleasure’ means something else.”
  7. Booze News
    That Williamsburg Liquor-License Moratorium Probably Won’t Be HappeningAn SLA spokesman says “we can’t just do a blanket denial for a whole class of licenses.”
  8. Closings
    SLA Strips Touch’s Liquor License: ‘It’s a Sad Day forEvents director Andy Griggs says 95 jobs are out the wazoo.
  9. Booze News
    It Turns Out, New York’s Booze Peddlers Don’t Have It That BadAt least you don’t have to pay half a million for a liquor license here.
  10. Booze News
    Liquor Authority Says It Was a Very Good YearBut you’ll still have to wait a few months for a liquor license.
  11. Closings
    Eddie Huang Closes Xiao Ye After More Four Loko RaidsAfter just four months, the controversial chef’s restaurant is done.
  12. Health Concerns
    SLA Denies Dumping Xiao Ye’s Four Loko in RaidNevertheless, Four Loko Thursdays are over.
  13. Health Concerns
    Red-Tape Relief: DOH Passes 80 Percent of Eateries, SLA Prunes Its HedgesA couple of our favorite bureaucratic agencies are patting themselves on the back today.
  14. Booze News
    SLA’s Latest Self-Improvement Plan: Outsourcing!Can Wells Fargo help the State Liquor Authority?
  15. Booze News
    The Case of the Wine Bar Without WineAn Inwood wine bar has gone without wine for over a year.
  16. Booze News
    La Superior Ends Liquor DroughtThe Williamsburg taquería’s two-year-long wait for liquor is finally over.
  17. Mediavore
    McDonald’s Eyes Beverage Market; Gourmet Readers DisappearPlus: another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, and Sandra Lee prepares for first lady possibilities, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Closings
    Party’s Over: SLA Suspends M2’s Liquor LicenseFifteen fights and eleven instances of drug activity in the past year.
  19. Health Concerns
    Health Department and SLA Get Tougher on Naughty RestaurantsBut the silver lining: The 4 a.m. closing time may be back in vogue.
  20. Booze News
    Should There Be a Separation Between Church and State of Sobriety?Will Harlem fall victim to new legislation seeking to close a loophole in the dreaded 200-foot law?
  21. Closings
    Touch Is Under SLA’s ThumbThe nightclub’s name seems ironic in light of a recent SLA closing.
  22. Nightlife Is Dead
    SLA to Kenmare: Big Brother Is WatchingDon’t even think about dancing here.
  23. Mediavore
    Whole Foods Rewards Healthy Workers; Growlers Are So Hot Right NowPlus: Airport restaurants see crowds and yoga and food worlds collide, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. Booze News
    SLA Head Promises Stricter Enforcement, Elimination of Application BacklogThe SLA’s new chairman, Dennis Rosen, updated the New York State Assembly on his progress yesterday.
  25. Booze News
    SLA Humbly Asks Tech Nerds to Remove Its ShortcomingsThe latest in the SLA’s twelve-step path to recovery.
  26. Mediavore
    Real Housewives Cookbook; SLA Slow to ReformPlus: the dangers of bear meat, and Fabien Beaufour moves on, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Jews Booze News
    La Goulue Gets New Location, New SLA ProblemsThe UES haunt is moving to a spot just across the street from a synagogue, which poses a liquor-license problem.
  28. Booze News
    Curse of the Tropics: Pool Hall Loses Right to Sell Bartles & JaymesNo more sake grenades at Tropical 128.
  29. User’s Guide
    Why Do the Shadiest Bars Have the Cheesiest Names?How NOT to name your bar.
  30. Booze News
    State Liquor Authority: ‘How We Doin’?’The SLA wants to hear what you think of it.
  31. Mediavore
    Wings Promotion Leads to Violence; Jim Mamary Eyes New NeighborhoodsPlus: a new chef for Tarallucci e Vino, and salty sauce from Jamie Oliver, all in our morning news roundup.
  32. Temporary Closings
    Unhappy Halloween: Cobwebs at Shuttered Le Souk and the MottTwo controversial venues have been exorcised, at least temporarily.
  33. Mediavore
    Nobu Owner Melts Down; Date Night Goes CasualPlus: Foer inspires celebrity veganism, and the SLA gets speedy, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Booze News
    Appeals Court Upholds Le Souk’s Liquor-License CancellationIs the club that pitted B&T against Avenue B finally down for the count?
  35. Hours of Operation
    After Midnight: Death & Co. Is Now Serving Till 2 a.m.Join in the celebration this Sunday.
  36. Booze News
    Fratastrophic: State Liquor Authority Busts Up the Beer-Pong PartyPlus: Flip cup causes swine flu?
  37. Booze News
    Bring Your Own, or Get It Delivered!A downtown restaurant lets customers order their wine in.
  38. Scandals
    DOB Inspectors Arrested on Bribery Charges, Mob ConnectionsIt’s no wonder opening a restaurant in New York City is such a flustercluck.
  39. Booze News
    SLA Speeds Up Liquor-License Process Ahead of Scathing ReportA state commission calls for changes at the State Liquor Authority.
  40. Mediavore
    Chefs Tour Arenas; Red Hook Ball Fields Vendors Pack UpPlus: Dunkin’ Donuts calls for surveillance, and Frank Bruni in bed, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. Beef
    Neighbors Go Viral in Fight Against Jane BallroomMeanwhile, the hot spot is making $20,000 a night.
  42. Community Relations
    J.G. Melon Gets Along With the Neighbors; Jane Ballroom, Not So MuchNeighbors don’t like the Jane’s plan for a rooftop bar.
  43. Booze News
    Dude! SLA Will Speak From On High About Beer PongWhen and where is it legal in a bar?
  44. Openings
    Nyonya Expands Across the StreetAnd a block away, a new wine shop.
  45. Community Boards
    CB2 Smiles on Campanale, Hanson, Bradley, and GuarnaschelliWill Guarnaschelli actually be cooking in Butter’s next one, or is it another 1Oak?
  46. Booze News
    Death & Co. Can Now Serve Booze Till 2011The State Liquor Authority has finally granted it a legit license.
  47. Closings
    Lower East Side Lock-In Spot Closes the Grate for GoodThe Lower East Side loses one of the last bars you could go to on a weekend anymore.
  48. Closings
    SLA Takes Out Another Hell’s Kitchen JointDid it have something to do with ‘bailarinas’ who danced for hire?
  49. Booze News
    Two Liquor Petitions Work Better Than One?Plus, plans for the inevitable: a bánh mì truck!
  50. Booze News
    Glorious Day: Motorino Gets Liquor LicenseThe wait is finally over!
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