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  1. half baked
    Starbucks Is Launching a Chain of Stand-alone Italian BakeriesHoward Schultz says to expect “pastries you’ve never seen in America” at Princi.
  2. the chain gang
    Environmental Activists Hate Starbucks’s Unrecyclable Holiday CupsThe design once again fails to be something that stays out of landfills.
  3. confessions
    I’m a Full-blown Coffee Snob Who Prefers Starbucks to Trendy CafésEven if a shop looks great, chances are good that their coffee actually sucks.
  4. the chain gang
    People Aren’t Exactly Lining Up for Starbucks’s New Zombie ‘Brains’ FrappuccinoResponse is underwhelming, given the drink’s over-the-top promotion.
  5. wake up and smell the coffee
    Study Says Starbucks’s Doors Are the Second-Filthiest Surface in New York CityA test found that they’re 25 times germier than the entrance to Grand Central.
  6. food crimes
    A Starbucks Bandit Keeps Targeting the Same Location in ChelseaCan anyone stop him?
  7. war on christmas
    Starbucks Put a Safe Dr. Seussian Doodle on Holiday Cups This YearIt’s a white background with sort of a Whoville thing going on.
  8. the chain gang
    Starbucks, Please Don’t Terrorize the Nation With a ‘Zombie Frappuccino’It purportedly has pink “brains” whipped cream.
  9. lawsuits
    California’s Coffee Could Soon Carry Cancer WarningsA lawsuit argues that the drink contains a cancer-causing chemical.
  10. the chain gang
    Starbucks Livestreamed an Inert Pumpkin for 80 Hours This WeekendNext year’s PSL rollout may get entrusted to a new marketing team.
  11. the chain gang
    You Can (Probably) Order Your First Pumpkin Spice Latte TodaySmart customers are exploiting confusion about the official release date.
  12. the chain gang
    Baristas Are Blasting Starbucks’s Parental-Leave Policy As Unequal and ElitistFemale baristas get 6 weeks, but corporate employees get 16.
  13. the chain gang
    Starbucks Now Serves a Turmeric LatteThe hip, yellow health drink has infiltrated menus in London.
  14. the chain gang
    Just When You Thought It Was Over, Starbucks Unveils a ‘Mermaid Frappuccino’Only in Mexico, though — the ingredients “are not available in Starbucks stores in the U.S.”
  15. the chain gang
    Starbucks Unveils Camo Cup Sleeves to Prove How Much It Supports VeteransThe side reads, “10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.”
  16. the chain gang
    Starbucks Baristas Are Forming Online Support Groups Ahead of the PSL’s Launch“It’s coming. God help us all.”
  17. the chain gang
    Starbucks Says It’s Not Actually Giving Discounts to Immigrants“The plan is to meme into existence a day where Starbucks is supposed to give free coffee to ‘undocumented Americans.’”
  18. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Now Putting Beef Jerky in Its Cold BrewBut only at a Seattle location, for now.
  19. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Closing All Those Tea Shops You Never Go ToTeavana will soon be no more.
  20. the chain gang
    Today in Chains: Arby’s Adds Porchetta, Starbucks Adds Piña ColadasThey wouldn’t be bad together, probably.
  21. pretty crappy
    There May Be a Little Poop in Your Starbucks Iced CoffeeIn a new test, a third of the chain’s iced drinks were contaminated with fecal bacteria.
  22. the chain gang
    Starbucks Vows to Hire Another 2,500 Refugees, This Time in EuropeThe coffee chain doesn’t care about planned boycotts in response.
  23. the chain gang
    Starbucks Baristas in Trouble for Mocking Trump-Supporting CustomerThe customer says they shoved it at her and “started cracking up laughing.”
  24. the chain gang
    Howard Schultz Told Starbucks Workers Trump Is Creating Economic ‘Chaos’In a leaked video, he says the president is “no doubt affecting consumer behavior.”
  25. lawsuits
    Woman Burned by Starbucks Coffee Wins $100,000 in CourtThe lid popped off in the drive-through, spilling coffee onto her lap.
  26. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Ice Cubes for Its Cold DrinksFor an 80-cent up-charge, your iced coffee will never get watered down.
  27. Starbucks Wasn’t Feeling This Pot Activist’s ‘Weedbukx’ CaféIt gave New Jersey’s infamous NJ Weedman two weeks to shut it down.
  28. security breaches
    Starbucks Tells Hacked Customers to Create Better PasswordsEven though app security has been an ongoing problem for the chain since 2015.
  29. food fight
    A Brooklyn Café Is Suing Starbucks for Stealing the Unicorn FrappuccinoIts lawsuit says the chain’s Unicorn Frappuccino is trademark infringement.
  30. the chain gang
    Brace Yourself for Unicorn Frappuccino CopycatsDunkin’ Donuts is in the game now with “Unicorn Water.”
  31. the chain gang
    Trump’s Unpopularity Is Hurting Starbucks’s Business in MexicoIt’s the first U.S. brand with Mexican sales affected by “anti-Trump sentiment.”
  32. DIY Unicorn Frappuccinos Are the New DIY SlimeThere can never be enough Instagram posts of either.
  33. the chain gang
    Baristas Are Having Meltdowns Over Starbucks’s Unicorn FrappuccinoAs one sums up, “I wanna die.”
  34. the chain gang
    What’s the Deal With Starbucks’s New ‘Unicorn Frappuccinos’?Baristas are posting the drink’s evidence (pink and blue glitter, mostly) on Reddit.
  35. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Refused to Let Starbucks Win This Week’s Most-Gimmicky-Food AwardStarbucks released a pie-crust lid, and then Taco Bell unleashed a fried-egg taco shell.
  36. the chain gang
    Starbucks Will Now Teach Americans How to Have Civil DiscourseThe chain’s newest campaign makes liberals and conservatives “work together” to unlock a gift card.
  37. the chain gang
    People Are About to Be Able to Text Starbucks Gift CardsA feature rolling out next month lets customers send them via iMessage.
  38. food politics
    Investors Warn a ‘Liberal Agenda’ Is Killing Starbucks’s BusinessThey accuse the chain of “unwavering” support of liberal causes “to the detriment of its brand.”
  39. lawsuits
    Starbucks Forces ‘Star Box,’ a One-Man Coffee Kiosk, to Change Its NameStar Box’s owner claims it’s named after the Marxist star.
  40. the chain gang
    Who Will Be the First Person to Draw Something Rude on Starbucks’s New Cups?Once again, the chain will invite customers to doodle on a blank canvas.
  41. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Closing the Last Two Locations of Its Evolution Fresh Juice ChainThe chain’s future with cold-pressed sweet greens will live on in the supermarket bottles.
  42. travel ban
    Starbucks Is Now Offering Employees Legal Advice on Trump’s Travel BanBaristas worried about the executive order have access to the free service.
  43. food politics
    Veterans Tell Conservatives to Quit Claiming Starbucks Hates the MilitaryThey want to officially correct “inaccurate statements” about the chain’s commitment to military.
  44. boycotts
    Trump Superfan Scott Baio’s New Attempt to Troll Starbucks Really BackfiredHe asked why the chain wasn’t also hiring “Blacks, Hispanics, & Veterans,” and received a long list of examples.
  45. Coca-Cola and Chobani Join Companies Publicly Denouncing Trump’s Travel BanCoke calls it “contrary to our core values,” while Chobani’s CEO says he’s “very concerned.”
  46. food politics
    Starbucks Promises to Hire 10,000 Refugees in Response to Trump’s Muslim BanThe company also says it will donate 4 million trees to Mexican coffee farmers.
  47. the chain gang
    Starbucks Admits Its Cafés Have Become Confusing, Overcrowded HellscapesCustomers are fleeing without buying anything because of “congestion” at the bar.
  48. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Set to Make Its Board One of America’s Most DiverseThe addition of three new directors will make it about a third female and a third minority.
  49. the chain gang
    Starbucks Will Give Baristas 6 Weeks of Fully Paid Maternity LeaveFathers and adoptive parents can also now take off up to 12 weeks unpaid.
  50. the chain gang
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wanted Howard Schultz As Her Labor SecretaryInstead, America’s probably getting the guy from Carl’s Jr.
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