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Starbucks Holiday Cups

  1. the chain gang
    Starbucks Gives in and Releases Second Holiday Cup That’s RedIt claims this one was in the works since January.
  2. war on christmas
    People Accuse Starbucks’ New Holiday Cups of Having a ‘Gay Agenda’The hand-holders depicted on them are supposedly lesbians.
  3. war on christmas
    Starbucks Put a Safe Dr. Seussian Doodle on Holiday Cups This YearIt’s a white background with sort of a Whoville thing going on.
  4. war on christmas
    Starbucks Made Its Holiday Cups Critic-Proof This YearPeople have better things to worry about these days.
  5. The Chain Gang
    Christians’ New Enemy: Starbucks Holiday CupsIn theory, the chain “removed Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.”