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Star Wars

  1. tie-ins
    Solo Cups’ Star Wars Tie-in Is Obviously PerfectWhen a movie’s already called Solo, the co-brand opportunities are built right in.
  2. the phantom lettuce
    Even Star Wars Fans Have Drawn the Line at This R2-D2 Dole LettuceThe produce company gets the 2017 award for most absurd tie-in.
  3. a new hope
    Manhattan Pizzeria Is Giving Free Pies to Anybody Dressed As Princess LeiaChampion Pizza will also reward any Star Wars costume with a free slice.
  4. Tie-ins
    London Is Getting a Star Wars ‘Fork Awakens’ Pop-upExpect lightsaber cocktails and Hutt dogs.
  5. Tie-Ins
    Get Ready for Star Wars Ice Cream From Brooklyn’s Ample HillsThere are two official flavors: the Light Side and the Dark Side.
  6. Video Feed
    Some Genius Made an Actual Levitating CakeYoda is involved.
  7. Video Feed
    This Millennium Falcon Cake Is Very ImpressiveThe fondant is strong with this one.
  8. Striking Back
    Lucasfilm Is Not a Fan of Empire Brewing’s ‘Strikes Bock’ BeerThe resemblance is too strong in this one, it tells the U.S. patent office.
  9. Greedo Shot Picklebacks
    Disney’s Rumored Star Wars Land May Include Real-Life Mos EisleyA young craft-cocktail-loving padawan can dream, right?
  10. It’s a Snack!
    Alton Brown Says the New Star Wars Needs More Farm-to-Table FoodLuke’s Uncle Owen cooked with fennel and salsify, after all.
  11. FYI
    Yep, We’re Gonna Write About Star Wars Coffee NowDarth Vader apparently likes his coffee like he likes his Sides: Dark.
  12. Mediavore
    Dennis Quaid Escapes DUI at Phillipe Chow With LAPD Help; Wine Grapes Going toA cop lets Dennis Quaid loose form a potential DUI at Phillipe Chow, while California’s wine grape growers are miffed about imports.