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  1. groceries
    It Is Time to Start Hoarding Sriracha AgainHuy Fong announced it has halted production because of a “severe” chili-pepper shortage.
  2. Sriracha Has a Rags-to-Riches Origin Story You Probably Had No Clue AboutA hot sauce with humble beginnings.
  3. Bans
    Sweetgreen Bans Bacon and SrirachaSweetgreen is launching a campaign to “Make America Healthy Again.”
  4. Hot Hot Heat
    A Harlem Bakery Just Debuted Sriracha DoughnutsNo one can stop the sriracha onslaught.
  5. So Hot Right Now
    Get Ready for a Bunch of New Snacks That Use Real-Deal Huy Fong SrirachaChips, ketchup, popcorn, hummus, mayonnaise … it’s endless.
  6. Beer Me
    Someone’s Finally Brewing Sriracha BeerIt arrives next month.
  7. The Chain Gang
    Pizza Hut’s New Strategy: Make Pizza in Literally Every Flavor ImaginableGet ready for “over 2 billion combinations” of pies and toppings.
  8. The Chain Gang
    You Just Know Taco Bell’s New ‘Sriracha Menu’ Will Be a HitKansas City locations are reportedly slathering Quesaritos and tacos in it.
  9. Mystic Rooster
    Sriracha Founder Has No Idea Who Drew His LogoMost likely, it originated with a Vietnamese street artist in the ‘70s.
  10. Feel the Burn
    Massive Electronic Dance Music and Sriracha Festival Sounds AbsolutelyThere will be “120 sriracha-infused dishes.”
  11. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Pete Wells Praises Gato; Ryan Sutton Finds Pok Pok Ny in ItsThis week’s roundup.
  12. Taste Tests
    The Great American Sriracha Taste-OffIs Tabasco’s new sriracha possibly better than Huy Fong’s beloved variety?
  13. Burn Sauce
    Sriracha Maker Wins Battle With California City CouncilHow about that.
  14. Burn Sauce
    Tabasco Launches Its Own Sriracha — But Seems Determined to Keep It aThe company is rumored to be making an official launch in early 2015.
  15. Burn Sauce
    Sriracha Factory Owner Says He Plans to Stay PutBut he’s looking to build another facility outside of Southern California.
  16. Burn Sauce
    City of Irwindale Calls for Unexpected Truce With Sriracha Factory OwnerWe can’t wait for the TV-movie version of this real-life hot sauce drama.
  17. Srirachapocalypse
    Sriracha Creator Is Very Serious About Moving His FactoryEleven other states would be happy to have that “powerful, painful odor.”
  18. Trouble in Roosterland
    City Council Declares Sriracha Factory Smell a Public NuisanceHuy Fong Foods will have 90 days to remedy the situation before the city takes action.
  19. Hot Right Now
    Huy Fong Wants You to See How the Sriracha Gets MadeToday, we are canceling the Srirachapocalypse.
  20. Burn Sauce
    Texas Won’t Be Sriracha Capital of the World Anytime SoonThe Lone Star State is nonetheless pushing for the hot sauce’s company.
  21. Srirachapocalypse
    Sriracha Sales Halted by California Health Department“The regulations outlining this process have been in existence for years,” officials say.
  22. Video Feed
    Sriracha the Movie Now OnlineDavid Tran likes it.
  23. Srirachapocalypse
    $10,000 Sriracha Packet Not Worth Price TagA rising tide lifts all Sriracha boats, or so one eBay seller thinks.
  24. Srirachapocalypse
    Sriracha Company Mulling Over Move to Philly, AnyhowHuy Fong Foods is feeling the burn.
  25. Coffins and Final Nails
    Sriracha Vodka Is Here to Ruin All Your Cocktail ExperiencesMakes for a nauseating and thoroughly unsettling cosmopolitan!
  26. Feeel The Burn
    Sriracha Factory Ordered to Cease Unneighborly Operations by California JudgeIs Huy Fong getting squeezed out?
  27. Feel the Burn
    Sriracha Costs Just $1.75 a Bottle for WholesalersA new business opportunity is on your horizon.
  28. Twelve Angry Srirachas
    Sriracha Factory Can Stay Open, Judge RulesNeighbors describe the Sriracha stench as something along the lines of napalm in the morning.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch CBS News Tour the Inside of the Sriracha FactoryIf you can’t take the heat, sriracha founder David Tran says, just use a little less sauce.
  30. Feel The Burn
    Sriracha Is Ruining People’s LivesWill a California court force the factory to stop production “until the smell can be reduced”?
  31. Feel the Burn
    David Tran, Sriracha’s Not-So-Under-the-Radar Founder: A Reading ListStop me if you’ve heard this one before.
  32. Grub Guides
    The New Sriracha: 25 Next-Level Condiments You Need in Your FridgeScalia Anchovy Paste, Mike’s Hot Honey, and Kewpie Mayo are all necessities.
  33. They Come To Snuff The Rooster
    Is Tabasco Launching Its Own Version of Sriracha?“We’re just playing with it at the moment.”
  34. Awesome Sauce
    Local Upstart Bandar Foods Is Monkeying Around With ‘IndianThe two hot sauces will start appearing on store shelves in September.
  35. Mediavore
    Tracking Tapas and Ramen Through L.A.; Target Plans 100% Sustainable Fish SalesS. Irene Virbila looks at five places to get your small plates on, while Andrew Froug maps out the bubbling ramen scene.
  36. Mediavore
    No Cheesesteaks Harmed in Last Night’s Fatal Shooting in South Philly;Plus: Mini-desserts are trending; and meat consumption is going up, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Mediavore
    Faneuil Hall’s New Landlord Promises Interesting Attractions; Sriracha Can BePlus sustainable seafood at Target and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  38. Mediavore
    Tastespotting Rules The World of Food Porn; How to Make A-Rod’s Kale ChipsSarah Gim’s website depicting photos of people’s food gets over five million visitors a month.
  39. Mediavore
    Bourdain Writes A Comic Book; Sriracha Building $40 Million IrwindaleThe No Reservations star officially announces his graphic novel Get Jiro! at New York Comic Con, while Huy Fong Foods Inc. is upgrading its facilities.
  40. Openings
    The Slaw Dogs Hit PasadenaA former manager of Il Fornaio and Sunset Malibu brings Pasadena a casual concept.
  41. Refrigerator Review
    Ruth Reichl Opens Her Fridge For the PublicRuth Reichl reveals what she eats at home.
  42. Mediavore
    Big Bucks for Burgundy; Sriracha Is EverywherePlus: Poland Spring doesn’t like New York’s bottle deposit, and Wendy’s goes after Starbucks, all in our morning news roundup.