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  1. feed the animals
    NYC’s Newest Food Influencers Are Its SquirrelsMove over, rats.
  2. Bookshelf
    Steven Rinella Shares His Grilled Squirrel RecipeThe Brooklyn scavenger’s new book also advocates eating pigeons.
  3. Feed the Animals
    Squirrels Ask for Food the Same Way They Ask for Sex“Give me food” and “give me sex” are expressed with the same handy sound.
  4. Rodents
    In Allston, Even the Rodents Eat WellA squirrel just hangs out, feasts on pizza.
  5. Home Cookin’
    Completely Nuts: Watch a Squirrel Become DinnerIs cooking squirrel “positively ethical”?
  6. Mmm Beer
    Now You Can Drink Beer From a SquirrelPlus, a cult-favorite brewery comes to New York.