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Squat And Gobble

  1. Kerfuffles
    Mina Group, Squat & Gobble, Burger Bar Top List of Healthy S.F. OffendersThe city releases the full list.
  2. Fire Damage
    Squat & Gobble at West Portal Goes Up in FlamesIt turned into a serious four-alarm fire that’s still burning this morning.
  3. Kerfuffles
    North Beach Café Incites Parklet ProblemsMuch like Squat and Gobble in the Castro, Caffe Roma in North Beach is trying to keep the parklet in front of it for itself.
  4. Beef
    Squat and Gobble Squabbling Over Parklet RulesTables on one side of the sidewalk get waiter service; on the parklet side, nope.