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Square Peg

  1. Chef Shuffle
    Why All This Mystery In the Chef Shuffling at Le Bec Fin and Square Peg?No one’s talking Steven Eckerd new role on Walnut Street, nor who is in line to replace Matt Levin.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Matt Levin Exits Square Peg [UPDATED]There’s no word on whether the split was amicable.
  3. Wagers
    Matt Levin Makes Good on His Bet With Hop Sing Laundromat’s LeeTeh Square Peg chef will be on hand to shine shoes, and mix drinks.
  4. The Other Critics
    Square Peg Scores a Single Bell; Diving Horse Is ‘Avalon’sRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  5. Brunch Spots
    Square Peg and Matyson Both Begin Serving BrunchThe brunch scene continues blowing up.
  6. Fried Chicken
    Inky Critic Craig LaBan Says Believe the Hype About FederalThe donut maker fries one of the city’s best birds.
  7. Lunch Spots
    Square Peg Starts Serving Lunch TodayThe new spot from Cuba Libre’s owners and Chef Matt Levin has been flying under the radar for the past two weeks.
  8. Soft Openings
    Soft Openings Galore: Nom Nom Ramen, Square Peg and Rimedio Begin LimitedThe new spots are offering limited service in the run up to their official openings.
  9. FYI
    Click Click Snap: Square Peg Wants YouThey’re not looking for supermodel looks.