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  1. Vindication
    Turns Out Potatoes Might Be the Thing Keeping French People So SkinnyThe vilified vegetable finally gets credit for something.
  2. Spuds
    Crinkle Cut Fries Are Coming Back to Shake Shack!The burger chain will revert to their much-loved old-school fries later this year.
  3. Spuds
    Shake Shack’s Fresh Fries Get Their Own Apple-esque Promo VideoWe already miss the crinkle fries.
  4. Spuds
    Shake Shack Rolls Out ‘Fresh-Cut’ FriesDanny Meyer’s chainlet takes a page from Five Guys.
  5. Spuds
    Your Flying Companion Today Will Be a Sack of PotatoesRadio waves don’t fry the potatoes like hot canola oil does.