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Spike Hill

  1. NewsFeed
    Celebrate the Folly and Defeat of Sobriety With Drink Specials When you stop to think about it, the fact that drinking was once illegal in America beggars the mind. Americans! Unable to drink in their own homes! It’s as if Frenchmen were barred from butter or Germans denied meat. Well, that evil period came to an end on December 5, 1933, a fact honored by the informal holiday of Repeal Day, which is being celebrated all over town tomorrow. The good people at Dewars hired actors to dress up in faux old-timey outfits (think tweeds and red carnations) and cheer Repeal Day with signs and slogans to confused tourists in Soho. But we encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to commerce and liberty by drinking for less at several local bars. Be sure to raise a glass to FDR. Somewhere, he’s toasting you back.
  2. The New York Diet
    Porn Impresario Joanna Angel’s Guilty Pleasure Is a Cheese-and-OnionWhen she’s in L.A., “Queen of Altporn” Joanna Angel finds it nearly impossible to get hold of her primary weakness: “A sandwich with Swiss cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sometimes onions. When I order it, everyone looks at me like I’m crazy.” Perhaps they just recognize the star of The XXXorcist. Either way, we wondered what else she ate during the most recent stay at her longtime office-apartment in Williamsburg, including a New Year’s party hosted with her fellow Burning Angels.