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  1. Leftovers
    New Menu at Spice Table; Open House at FarmShop on SundayChef Bryant Ng’s new roster of dishes was inspired by a recent trip to Southeast Asia.
  2. Next Door by Josie
    Duck Confit Banh Mi Coming Back to Next Door by JosieThe chef will offer her incredible sandwich just once a week on “Banh Mi Sundays.”
  3. Let’s Do Brunch
    Spice Table Brings Scallop Congee, Lamb Bacon Gravy, and Kaya Doughnuts to NewBryant Ng’s Downtown restaurant will also offer bottomless mimosas and Handsome Roasters coffee.
  4. Bookshelf
    Bryant Ng Reps L.A. in America’s Greatest New CooksThe chef gives his recipes for Southeast Asian rib-eye and kaffir lime custard.
  5. Empire Building
    Spice Table’s Banh Mi Stoppage Induces SeizuresBryant Ng slowly builds his empire.
  6. Temporary Closings
    The Spice Table Closed For RepairsBryant Ng is hoping for a reopening on Saturday.
  7. Cheers!
    New York Post Nails L.A.Well, at least better than the Wall Street Journals’ best efforts.
  8. Grub Guide
    Fourteen Sharp Spots to Find Food-on-a-Stick in Los AngelesIn L.A., your options include frozen beer, cupcake, lamb offal, chicken skin, and even pig’s blood set on a skewer.
  9. Endangered
    Downtown’s Senor Fish Could Be Your’s For One-DollarOh, and millions of dollars in relocation fees.
  10. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Spice Table Starts Happy HourFive-dollars drinks and satays outta make you very happy.
  11. Close-Ups
    From ‘Seafood Geek’ to GQ SmoothDavid LeFevre tells the magazine about his favorite places to eat, drink, and shop in L.A.
  12. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Introducing Chef Dakota Weiss: Downtown Restaurant CriticThe chef details her love for Downtown with a look at Cole’s and Spice Table.
  13. Relocations
    Spice Table, Senor Fish, and Weilands Moving Out of The Metro’s Way?All three Little Tokyo restaurants may have to relocate if an underground rail project is approved.
  14. Happy Birthday!
    Spice Table and Ray’s Both Celebrating First Birthdays Next WeekBryant Ng will revisit his foie gras satay and Kris Morningstar will make chorizo-stuffed chilies.
  15. The Other Critics
    Brad A. Johnson Breaks Down 2011’s BestThe critic looks at the world’s best dishes and L.A.’s best new restaurants.
  16. The Other Critics
    S. Irene Virbila Looks Back on 2011’s Best; Gold Spies Curly FriesElsewhere, Jonathan Gold targets Bryant Ng’s Spice Table as the bulls-eye of L.A.’s coherent new dining scene.
  17. Foodievents
    Spice Table Serving Goat Curry, Lobster Yi-Mein, and Duck Satay for New Year’sThe chef offers a $65 pre-fixe with $15 wine and beer pairings and hopefully won’t hurt anyone with his spicy chicken livers.
  18. L.A. Diet
    Writer Joel Stein Eats Asian Sloppy Joes, Makes David Chang’s Brussels“I don’t particularly like fries, which makes me a freak. I’m not grossed out by them, I just don’t appreciate them the other way people do.”
  19. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Comes Straight Outta Comptoir; Goes Cyco at Neptune’s NetThe L.A. Weekly critic writes, “for the first time, the most interesting places in Little Tokyo are not necessarily Japanese.”
  20. The Other Critics
    Gold Picks His 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants; Virbila Recounts 2011’s New BloodsMeanwhile, we worry that The New York Times is trying to steal our Gold.
  21. Dishes Duke It Out
    Tay Do Quan Hy Serves the Dark Horse of Hainan Chicken RiceIt beats out Spice Table’s twelve dollar version in taste, prep, and cost.
  22. Let’s Do Lunch
    Bryant Ng Brings Rice Bowls to Lunch at Spice TableBryant Ng is also making his wood-grilled short rib and sambal burger available.
  23. The Other Critics
    Virbila Declares Sotto a Game-Changer; Gold Champions Son of a GunThe L.A. Times thinks Sotto is the first serious contender to the dominance of Northern Italian restaurants in L.A.
  24. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Inhales The Glories of Spice Table; Brad A. Deems Son of a Gun TheBryant Ng scores big with L.A. Weekly, while the former Angeleno critic thinks the Animal team has another hit on their hands.
  25. Mediavore
    Woman Threatens Dairy Queen With Grenade; Red Meat Is Still Bad For YouA new study finds red and processed meats come with an increased risk for certain cancers.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Le Seine Plans Omakase Tuesdays; Spice Table Opens for LunchAlex Reznik will serve eleven guests each week at the sushi bar, while Bryant Ng drops a highly-recommended banh mi on Downtown.
  27. The Other Critics
    Virbila Is Not Feeling Firefly’s Glow; Gold Ducks Into Beijing Duck HouseJason Travi’s cooking has a ways to go, cries The L.A. Times, while L.A. Weekly finds itself in a Chinese poultry paradise.
  28. Coming Soon
    Brian Ng Eyes Spice Table Opening By Early FebruaryThis veteran of many prized restaurants informs us his restaurant is in the inspection phase.
  29. USer’s Guide
    Fall Restaurant Preview: Where and What To EatL.A.’s fall’s openings are exciting enough to distract us from Nancy Silverton burgers and Michael Voltaggio’s plans.
  30. Coming Soon
    Mozza/Daniel Vet Opening Singaporean Spice TableBryant Ng is bringing satays and craft beers to Little Tokyo, stealing a sliver of Lukshon’s thunder.