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  1. Reopenings
    Famous West Village Bar Chumley’s Should Be Reopening Any Month NowIt’s been closed for seven years.
  2. Good Signs
    West Village Bar Chumley’s Got Its Famous Door BackSpeakeasy and carry a large gimlet.
  3. Lawsuits
    Judge Suggests Chumley’s Opponents 86 Their LawsuitIt had been open for 70-something years before the 2007 closure, after all.
  4. Lawsuits
    Neighbors File Lawsuit to Prevent Chumley’s From ReopeningThe legal documents claim that “bridge-and-tunnel partygoers” ruined their peace and quiet.
  5. Party’s Over
    Cops Say ‘No’ to House of Yes on Its Final NightSpeakeasy, or just apply for a liquor license.
  6. Reopenings
    Will Chumley’s Reopen in 2013?Though it’s all patched up, the legendary bar has an uncertain future.