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Sparkling Water

  1. bubbles
    Calamansi Sparkling Water Is the Cure for Seltzer FatigueSome new status bubbles arrive in New York.
  2. bubble wars
    Twitter Very Disappointed to Learn LaCroix’s New Flavor Isn’t WatermelonOr raspberry lime. Or dragon fruit. Or strawberry kiwi.
  3. taste test
    A Definitive Ranking of LaCroix KnockoffsWhich pamplemousse pretender takes the crown?
  4. The Maker of LaCroix Just Issued the Craziest Press Release of the Week“THE OBSCURE SILVER LINING IS A UNIQUELY-INDUCED OPPORTUNITY.”
  5. burst your bubbles
    LaCroix Won’t Say What It’s Putting in Your Sparkling Water“Natural flavor” is the only ingredient, and the company coyly admits that it could be almost anything.
  6. pop art
    LaCroix Paintings Inspired by Warhol Are America’s Most Important New Art“It’s the soup cans for millennials.”
  7. under pressure
    New York City’s ‘Seltzer Man’ Retires at Tender Age of 84Eli Miller did door-to-door deliveries for almost 60 years.