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  1. Chef Shuffles
    Five-Sixty Chef Sara Johannes Coming to Work For Puck in L.A.But only chef Stephan Pyles knows for certain what her fate will be…
  2. Menus
    What To Eat From High’s New MenuVenice’s Hotel Erwin grabs a Spago and Patina alum in an attempt to make its food match its views.
  3. Lists
    Zagat Unleashes Its 2011 Survey On L.A.The guide doesn’t screw up the food truck trend this year, and mostly keeps it correct.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Willie Brown Eats at Redd, Spago, Café Des Amis
  5. Mediavore
    Gulf Fisheries Start to Reopen; New Yojie Plans ExpansionThe next step is convincing consumers the fish is safe. Meanwhile, a weak economy is opening the door to franchise ambitions.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Tom Cruise and Will Smith Praise L. Ron Hubbard at Saddle RanchThetans are likely the least of anyone’s concerns at L.A.’s biggest meat market.
  7. Quote of the Day
    What Akasha Richmond Did While You Were at SpagoCulver City chefs aren’t very competitive these days.
  8. Oenofile
    The Best Kosher Wine on the Market Is Made By a Guy Who Didn’t Go to HebrewJeff Morgan’s Covenant cabernet is served at The French Laundry and Per Se.
  9. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Plans WP24 on Top of New Ritz-CarltonAn Asian-inspired fine dining is coming Downtown from Spago’s creator.
  10. Eating at The Oscars
    What Wolfgang Puck is Cooking for The Oscars After-Party4,800 eggs and 7,200 shrimp will help make up the Academy Awards menu.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Dennis Hopper Comes to Life at Joe’s; Ago Meets The FockersGrammy after-parties and birthdays dominated celeb eating this week.
  12. Openings
    What to Eat at Hatfield’s, Now Reopen and ReinventedNew dishes and menus are added in twice the space.
  13. Hora! Hora! Hora!
    Chris Hora Starts Cooking at SiLaBohemian-inspired food is now being served for brunch and dinner.
  14. The Food Chain
    Thomas Boyce Remembers Chris Cosentino’s Chili and Bones (But Not Much Else)A specialty dish at Incanto stuck with the Spago chef, even after a bevy of refreshments.
  15. The Food Chain
    Laurent Gras Wants To Eat Spago’s Smoked Salmon Pizza Every MorningLaurent Gras and Spago’s Thomas Boyce discuss a classic Wolfgang Puck plate.
  16. Empire Building
    Wolfgang Puck Blames Success on JapaneseWolfgang Puck relates how he’s able to sleep while owning a restaurant empire.
  17. Marketing Gimmicks
    Puck Brews Organic Iced CoffeesA new organic beverage comes from Wolfgang Puck.
  18. Lists
    New L.A. Zagat Guide Scores a Zero for Food Truck CoverageZagat releases a new L.A. survey, but bobbles the city’s biggest trend.
  19. Empire Building
    Mark Peel Has Plans for The Point and The Tar PitMark Peel is bringing Campanile’s food to a low-key neighborhood restaurant.
  20. Foodievents
    The 27th American Wine and Food Festival is Back, October 3rdThe lineup for Wolfgang Puck’s stunning wine and food festival.
  21. Lawsuits
    Wolfgang Puck and Wife Sued Over .food DomainWolfgang Puck and his wife are slapped with a lawsuit for not fulfilling their end of the .food deal.
  22. T.V. Land
    Where Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods Eats in L.A.Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern likes L.A. for live octopus and Lucques.
  23. Trends
    Famous Chefs Serve Family RecipesThese big-name chefs in L.A. use family meals as inspiration.
  24. Lawsuits
    Spago Faced with Another SuitSpago’s floors again become the subject of a new suit.
  25. Foodievents
    Sunday’s California Spirit XXVPuck and Lazaroff keep a great thing going.
  26. NewsFeed
    West Coast Wolfgangs Turn on Each OtherWolfgang Puck sues Luger vet Wolfgang Zwiener over restaurant names in California.
  27. NewsFeed
    Govind Armstrong Bringing His South Beach Magic North Given that we have now exported Craft to L.A., it’s about time for L.A. to return the favor. That seems to be on the horizon: Word is that Govind Armstrong, the former Spago prodigy and current toast of South Beach, is planning to open a restaurant here in NYC. (Or so we hear from a source who is close to the Table 8 chef.) Armstrong, who began his career at 13 working for Wolfgang Puck, has told intimates that the space is all picked out and the deal almost done, but he’s not giving a location until the lease is signed, and the restaurant itself is probably nearly a year away. Still, as the chef with the distinction of having prepared the only decent meal we’ve ever eaten in South Beach (not counting Wolfie’s, of course), we have to say that our city will be richer for having him.