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  1. Shattered
    Spago Skylight Shatters on Bierbeisl’s ChefBernhard Mairinger says he and his girlfriend were “totally fine” despite a few cuts and shirt full of glass.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Kim Kardashian Arrives at In-N-Out Burger; Elton John Celebrates Birthday atMs. Kanye West was eating burgers for two when she landed back in L.A.
  3. Puck Plans
    Spago Adds Extra Helping of Priviledge to AKA Hotel GuestsYet another reason to envy the one-percent.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Demi Moore Dates Harry Morton at South Beverly Grill; Chris Brown Stalks AtThe trouble-plagued pop singer’s night ended up pretty lame.
  5. Reopenings
    LaBrea Bakery Closing December 31, Reopening January 4The rustic bread authority will take a new retail space down the street.
  6. The Other Critics
    Gold Meets Sqirl; Besha’s Back at SpagoIn other news, Brad A. Johnson finds both stumbles and success stories at Stonehill Tavern.
  7. Lists
    L.A. Weekly Recommends ‘100 Favorite Dishes’Starting with Lukshon’s dan dan mian and ending on Spago’s veal mignon tartare.
  8. Kuhdos
    Patric Kuh Lyrically Sizes Up Spago’s Re-IncarnationPuck “became this city’s essential chef because forward is the only direction he moves in,” writes the critic.
  9. Sherry Yard
    Sherry Yard And Sang Yoon Breathing Life Back Into Helms BakeryThe two chefs are opening an ambitious space to serve L.A. its daily bread.
  10. Foodies With Benefits
    35 L.A. Pastry Chefs Uniting For C-Cap, November 17th in Santa MonicaSpago’s Sherry Yard is the event’s head.
  11. Puck Tales
    Ruth Reichl, Ludo, and ‘Mama’ Nancy Silverton Celebrate SpagoThe New York Times investigates what keeps Wolfgang Puck still going.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Axl Rose Rides The Jäger Train at Tropicana; Dolly Parton Plays Dress-Up atThe singer chases his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with a pool party at Hollywood Roosevelt.
  13. Puck Tales
    Wolfgang Puck Picks His Favorite Places on Earth to EatAnd wouldn’t you know it, Spago makes the cut.
  14. Puck Plans
    Spago Reopens For Dinner, Reveals A Few New DishesThe refreshed restaurant is sneakily serving dinner.
  15. Leftovers
    First Look At Spago’s Facelift; Party Tonight at Fonuts;Puck’s place looks rather austere in comparison to its old Mediterranean digs.
  16. The New Kid
    Besha Bids Auf Wiedersehen to SpagoThe critic bemoans a lack of culinary tourists, certain that the cooking here is “flawless.”
  17. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Applauds New Chef at Lazy Ox; Patrick Kuh Catches Up With WaterDespite a few dishes that may not be worth the price, Kuh appreciates the balance of creativity and tradition in the $1.5 million remake.
  18. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Shares His Fears Over Spago’s RelevancyThe chef doesn’t want to see it go the way of Chasen’s or Le Dome.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift Serves Cold Shoulder to John Mayer at Tower Bar; Clooney’s SpagoThe country singer demanded she be moved when her old flame came into the room.
  20. Temporary Closings
    Say Goodbye to Spago As You Know It, Closing July 9 For Fall RebootWolfgang Puck plans to announce a completely new menu on opening night, free of classics like his smoked salmon pizza and tuna tartare cones.
  21. The Presidential Palate
    Wolfgang Puck Catering Obama Bash at George Clooney’s HouseThe Spago captain will prepare a “special menu,” which probably means foie gras.
  22. Puck Plans
    Spago Cooking Up 20th Birthday Lunch in VegasWolfgang Puck will be joined by Bon Appétit’s Adam Rappaport and the restaurant’s current and original chefs for a two-hour lunch.
  23. Celebrity Settings
    Spago Makes Chocolate Electric Guitars, But Only For Gene SimmonsThe Kiss shiller notes his three favorite places to eat.
  24. Mediavore
    J Restaurant and Lounge Closing in Downtown; Where to Get Feet Wet in KoreatownMatt Kang offers a primer on eating in the eatery-dense sub-city.
  25. L.A. Diet
    Wolfgang Puck Preps for the Oscars During the Week, Cooks for MuhammedI never met Lenny Kravitz, so we talked a little bit. I said, ‘Aren’t you hungry? You just played this long show. Let’s go eat!’”
  26. Mediavore
    Wolfgang Puck Bakes Zsa Zsa’s Birthday Cake; It’s Time for Iguana MeatPuerto Rico wants to start exporting meat from the giant reptiles. Any takers? Anyone?
  27. Celebrity Settings
    Where Ruth Reichl’s Been Dining in L.A.She calls a recent lunch at Spago like ‘a delirious dream.’
  28. Chef Shuffles
    On the Road Again: Jason Neroni Bails La BucaThe chef takes another step in a storied career just eight months after joining the neighborhood Italian.
  29. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Bieber Pulled Over En Route to Spago; Charlie Sheen Ceases Winning-StreakWhile the pop sensation narrowly avoids a ticket, while the hard-partying actor is accused of prematurely decomposing.
  30. Puck Plans
    Barbara Lazaroff Shreds Spago’s Plastic Surgery Plans“I thought it was an episode of Ashton Kuchner’s Punk’d [sic] … it was an Episode of Pucked .. Ugly is Ugly.”
  31. Celebrity Settings
    Courtney Cox Pays Homage to Britney Spears at Spago; Eva Mendes Hits Mercato diAnd it’s apparently been a loooong time since “The Dancing in the Dark” video.
  32. Puck Plans
    Puck Plans to Scrap Spago’s Menu During RemodelEven the famous smoked salmon and caviar pizza will disappear.
  33. Temporary Closings
    Approaching Thirty, Spago Will Close Next Summer for a FaceliftThe restaurant will shutter for six to eight weeks while Waldo Fernandez has his way with it.
  34. Mediavore
    Drought Ravages Texas Cattle Ranches; Sam Sifton Named National Editor of TheThe New York critic will leave his post for a major promotion.
  35. Empire Building
    Willie Brown Encourages Wolfgang Puck to Take Postrio SpaceDa former Mayor tells the chef he should open up one of his Cut steakhouses there.
  36. Beef
    Spago Won’t Permit Zsa Zsa’s Husband to Have His CakeBarbara Lazaroff picks side in a growing dispute between daughter and step-father.
  37. Quote of the Day
    Did Hector Camacho Lure Wolfgang Puck to Vegas?He’s not a Lakers fan, but he loves fights.
  38. L.A. Diet
    The Daily’s Richard Johnson Makes a Mean Latte, Mixes Cheerios With“It’s hard to order-in here [in L.A.]. We tried a couple of times and it would take like an hour and a half.”
  39. Puck Plans
    Puck Gets Picked To Do The Cooking at Hotel Bel AirA smart move that could pique the interest of both old-timers and a new generation of moneybags.
  40. Openings
    Lexington Social House Opens in HollywoodChef Mette Williams has crafted a straight-forward menu that, despite a range of global influences, feels cohesive and tightly curated.
  41. Chef Shuffles
    Jason Neroni Joins Osteria La BucaThe once scrappy Italian secret is now swinging for the big leagues.
  42. Lawsuits
    Wolfgang Puck Sued by Server for Age DiscriminationA middle-aged waiter is wounded after Cut fires him.
  43. Celebrity Settings
    Stevie Wonder Finds a Place in the Sun at Gladstone’s; Katherine Heigl EatsAnd in other not-so-surprising news, underage Miley Cyrus appears to have gotten plastered again.
  44. Celebrity Settings
    Jamie Foxx Gets Roughed Up at Avalon; Courtney Cox Hobbles Out of SpagoThe academy award-winning thespian gets put in a headlock while watching Usher.
  45. Coming Soon
    Spago Vet Mette Williams Takes the Helm at Forthcoming Lexington Social HouseHopefully her cooking helps it stand out from the pack of Hollywood places that blur the line between nightlife and restaurants.
  46. Openings
    The Puck Finally Stops HereDon’t expect Spago on Broad Street, but there could be a smoked salmon and caviar pizza in your future.
  47. Celebrity Settings
    Lyle Lovett Sups at L’Epicerie; Larry King Is Over and Out at SpagoThe legendary announcer celebrates his swan song at a Puck-catered fiesta.
  48. Foodies with Benefits
    The Chefs from Fig, The Gorbals, Bottega Marino, Spago, and Nobu Unite TomorrowThe chef super group is raising funds for St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels by each contributing one dish.
  49. Slideshows
    First Look at Shaka Shack, Coming Soon From Former Wolfgang Puck Chef LisaThe chef has a storied resume, but here it’s all Hawaiian-kissed burgers.
  50. Rumors
    Wolfgang Puck Rumored To Be Opening at Hotel Bel-Air, But It Won’t Be SpagoMeanwhile, Spago will undergo some cosmetic changes.
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