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  1. taste test
    Soylent Now Sells Food — Is It Any Good?Will Soylent Squared be the protein bar of the future?
  2. meal replacements
    Soylent’s Eccentric CEO Is Stepping Aside After Their Not-So-Good YearRob Rhinehart says it’s time to take his meal replacement and “set it free.”
  3. 7-Eleven Will Now Stock Soylent to Welcome the American DystopiaThe United States had a good run, folks.
  4. recalls
    You’ll Never Believe This, But Soylent Is Being Recalled AgainThis time, milk got into its “dairy-free” powder.
  5. recalls
    Soylent Says It Figured Out What’s Making Its Customers SickThe company will remove an algae-based flour from future meal-replacement formulations.
  6. health concerns
    Soylent Has Temporarily Stopped Selling Its Powdered Food ReplacementNot great, following the drama surrounding its nutritional bar.
  7. recalls
    Soylent Recalls Food Bars That Have Made People Violently IllThe start-up is “deeply sorry” for any “negative experiences” the products may have caused.
  8. the end of food
    Soylent’s Latest Product Is Basically a Metamucil FrappuccinoThe makers of everybody’s favorite food replacement have added coffee.
  9. The End of Food
    Soylent Now Available in Ready-to-Drink Bottles, Still Probably GrossThe founder wants to wean people off refrigerator use.
  10. Can It People
    Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent GreenBut it hasn’t realized this yet.
  11. Pod People
    Nestlé Is Working on a Nespresso Machine for Soylent-Like DrinksHow about a $1,000 meal replacement to go with your $51-per-pound single serve?
  12. Miracle Diets
    Powder People: Could It Possibly Be Healthy to Eat Nothing But theA number of seemingly smart young guys think so.