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  1. openings
    Legendary Guyanese Restaurant, German’s Soup, Is Opening in East FlatbushAt German’s Soup, everything is based on the original recipes of founder Hubert “German” Urling, including the signature cow-heel soup.
  2. Local Flavor
    Davio’s Ladles the Soup That Saved AmericaThe soup that saved America once saved Davio’s David Boyle from freezing to death at a Mummers parade.
  3. Soups
    Oyster House Slings Street-Side ChowderToday’s holiday celebrates the thick crea-based variety of clam chowder, not the tomatoey kind.
  4. Lists
    Platt: The Oyster Pan Roast Is New York’s Greatest DishOur restaurant critic says there’s never been a better dish than this Grand Central Oyster Bar staple.
  5. Lists
    New York’s 38 Best SoupsA look at the best soup that the city has to offer, on a day when we could all use some.
  6. Openings
    Triumph of the Soup NaziAl Yeganeh will reopen his midtown soup shop in July.
  7. Food TV
    Warm Up With Kaysen and CasellaThe chefs make soups and stews with Martha Stewart.
  8. Mediavore
    Juicy Wine Co. Gets Sold; Defining Organic MilkPlus: Paula Deen’s new singing career, and Burger King’s forays into coffee, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Recession Is Your Friend
    Sidewalk Soup on SansomA clammy jam at the Oyster House
  10. In the Magazine
    The Everything Guide to Soup; Platt on Le CapriceAlso in the magazine this week: Roast Christmas Goose, and Momofuku tamales.
  11. User’s Guide
    Soup’s On: Where to Warm Up This WinterCheck out ten of Boston’s most notable soups.
  12. User’s Guide
    Stew Over This: What’s New in Soup This Season?New and notable soups around town
  13. Lists
    Chicago’s Best Wintry Warm-Up Soups
  14. Slideshow
    Slideshow: Ten New Soups to Eat This WinterThese new soups will keep you full and warm this winter.
  15. Openings
    What to Eat at Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles, Now Serving Pork-Bone SoupIf you’re a fan of the beefy noodle soups at Super Taste, you’ll find a similar product here.
  16. What to Eat Tonight
    Yes, Soup for You! Last week we lamented the freakishly warm weather’s impact on the availability (and desirability) of cassoulet. Now that New York has finally hit a cold pocket, we’re taking the opportunity to recommend three soups that are the culinary equivalent of kicking back by a roaring fire. fire.
  17. NewsFeed
    Oh, That Soup NaziWe were misled by last week’s heart-quickening “Meet the Soup Nazi” ad, which led to this post. Al Yeganeh, the man who inspired the Seinfeld character (and who detests the “Soup Nazi” tag, preferring to call himself the “Soup Man”), was not actually present. Actor Larry Thomas, who played the character, was the one promoting the show’s new DVD. (Apparently, they didn’t want Michael Richards.) Also, contrary to what we wrote, Yeganeh doesn’t hate being called “the Soup Nazi” because he’s Jewish. He is not a member of the tribe. Evidently, he simply resents his television image. “Al truly feels like Seinfeld ruined his life,” his rep tells us. “He was doing very well before the show came along.” Earlier: Soup Nazi to Boil Over at Appearance?
  18. Foodievents
    Soup Nazi to Boil Over at Appearance? Al Yeganeh, Seinfeld’s celebrated “Soup Nazi,” has recently been making a blizzard of public appearances promoting his Original SoupMan restaurant chain. (Yeganeh , who is Jewish, despises the “soup Nazi tag” and refuses to even mention or address it. His site simply refers to the show inspired by him as the “Soup episode.”) Given the chef’s famous testiness, his 5 p.m. appearance at f.y.e. might be worth witnessing. The ads tout the chance to “meet ‘the soup Nazi’ in person” and “have him sign your copy of Seinfeld Season 7.” Is there any way to take odds on how many times Yeganeh gets called a Nazi or is asked to say “No soup for you!” before he blows his top? We would put the over-under at two and a half. Meet the Soup Nazi, f.y.e., 1290 Sixth Ave., at 52nd St., 5 p.m.