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  1. Celebrity Settings
    Canned Laughter: Jason Alexander Serving Soup at Pavilion’s This SaturdayThe actor is a partner in “No Soup For You,” which merchandizes the “Soup Nazi’s” recipes.
  2. Truckin’
    Seinfeld’s Soup Truck Rolls Into Town With Soup for You!Just don’t lose your Junior Mints in an operating room.
  3. TV Land
    Slurp Like It’s 1995 and Bring Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi to BostonSeinfeld’s surly Soup Nazi wants to serve you.
  4. Outrages
    Original SoupMan’s Lukewarm Reception in S.F. Isn’t Doing NYC AnyThe Soup Nazi–inspiring chain isn’t just bad, it’s downright friendly.
  5. Previews
    The Soup Nazi Cometh… to Fisherman’s WharfOriginal SoupMan, the chain owned by the man who inspired the Soup Nazi, is set to open in late May.
  6. Openings
    Soup Nazi Reinstates the RulesThe “Soup Man” will reopen his original location this month.
  7. Openings
    Triumph of the Soup NaziAl Yeganeh will reopen his midtown soup shop in July.
  8. Personalities
    Soup Nazi Gets Back to Where He Once BelongedThe inspiration for the ‘Seinfeld’ character will be cooking in midtown again.
  9. Mediavore
    La Esquina Returns; Little Hope for Chumley’s ReopeningThe downstairs at La Esquina is reportedly open. [Down by the Hipster] Little progress seems to have been made at Chumley’s, which was supposed to reopen in two weeks. [Lost City] Shake Shack’s vanilla frozen custard deemed superior in a taste test of national favorites. [Serious Eats]
  10. Mediavore
    Kyotofu South; Soup Nazi Not Feeling the Love Out of N.Y.Kyotofu really is expanding downtown with a second outlet that should be completed by next summer. In the meantime, its delicate Japanese treats will also be available at a new midtown tea shop opening this month. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] The Bleecker Street Magnolia Bakery has renewed its lease for another ten years. [Eater] CJ continues to fantasize openly about cooking Padma breakfast. [Eater LA] Related: ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner CJ on the Broccolini Backstory, and Why Hung’s Food Is Soulless
  11. Back of the House
    City Speaks on Trans-Fat Enforcement; Empanada Mogul’s Inspirational StoryCritics don’t concern Danny Meyer much. Or so he claims. [Denver Post] The inspirational tale of an empanada mogul. [NYDN] Will healthier foods lead to a healthier restaurant business? [Axcess News] Labor organization mad as hell over economic inequities. [Brooklyn Rail] The Soup Nazi and David Bouley both come to Miami, but probably not to stay. [Miami Herald] City promises low-key enforcement of trans-fats ban. “This is not going to be, like, a ‘gotcha’ thing.” [IHT]
  12. NewsFeed
    Oh, That Soup NaziWe were misled by last week’s heart-quickening “Meet the Soup Nazi” ad, which led to this post. Al Yeganeh, the man who inspired the Seinfeld character (and who detests the “Soup Nazi” tag, preferring to call himself the “Soup Man”), was not actually present. Actor Larry Thomas, who played the character, was the one promoting the show’s new DVD. (Apparently, they didn’t want Michael Richards.) Also, contrary to what we wrote, Yeganeh doesn’t hate being called “the Soup Nazi” because he’s Jewish. He is not a member of the tribe. Evidently, he simply resents his television image. “Al truly feels like Seinfeld ruined his life,” his rep tells us. “He was doing very well before the show came along.” Earlier: Soup Nazi to Boil Over at Appearance?
  13. Foodievents
    Soup Nazi to Boil Over at Appearance? Al Yeganeh, Seinfeld’s celebrated “Soup Nazi,” has recently been making a blizzard of public appearances promoting his Original SoupMan restaurant chain. (Yeganeh , who is Jewish, despises the “soup Nazi tag” and refuses to even mention or address it. His site simply refers to the show inspired by him as the “Soup episode.”) Given the chef’s famous testiness, his 5 p.m. appearance at f.y.e. might be worth witnessing. The ads tout the chance to “meet ‘the soup Nazi’ in person” and “have him sign your copy of Seinfeld Season 7.” Is there any way to take odds on how many times Yeganeh gets called a Nazi or is asked to say “No soup for you!” before he blows his top? We would put the over-under at two and a half. Meet the Soup Nazi, f.y.e., 1290 Sixth Ave., at 52nd St., 5 p.m.
  14. Back of the House
    Soup Nazi Ladles Out Ego; DiSpirito Waits Tables; ‘Top Chef’• Public hearing reveals support for trans-fat ban and printing of calories on fast-food menus. [NYT] • And KFC makes it official: minimal trans fats by April — coincidence? [NYS] • Soup Nazi ponders a self-glorifying museum at the site of his original store. [NYO] • Alerting us to video restaurant reviews, Andrea Strong somehow fails to nod to America’s Amusingest Food Videos. [NYP] • Public opens a wine bar; another izakaya, this one with buttons at the table to summon waiters; gourmet pizza on Bedford Avenue. [Strong Buzz] • Rocco DiSpirito waits tables with Gilbert Gottfried. (A benefit, not our dream reality show.) [NYP] • Batali goes bi-coastal: Pizzeria Mozza finally open. [Chowhound] • Absolut, Bacardi, and other reformed booze bizzies fork over $2.3 mil to end Spitzer probe. [NYS] • “Top Chef” Marisa busts out the bikini. [Chow]