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Sons And Daughters

  1. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Says Sons & Daughters Is ‘Spot on From Start to Finish’He ups them to three and a half stars.
  2. Price Check
    After Raising Prices, Sons & Daughters Drops ThemIt was $135, now it’s back down to $96.
  3. Price Check
    Sons & Daughters Ups the Ante, Lowers Seat Count, à la SaisonAlso, they’ll be adding to the number of courses and generally slowing things down.
  4. Other Magazines
    Regarding the ‘Chef Marriage’ of the Sons & Daughters Co-Chefs
  5. Menus
    What to Eat on Sons & Daughters’ Summer Tasting MenuIt starts June 26.
  6. Price Check
    Sons & Daughters to Raise Prices Slightly, Nix Healthy S.F.Also, they’ll be adding a course, bringing the tasting menu to nine courses altogether.
  7. Brunch
    Sweet Woodruff Now Does BrunchSee the menu in full right here.
  8. Lists
    Sons & Daughters Chefs, El Paseo’s Preston Clark AmongAnthony Strong of Locanda, Chez TJ’s Joey Elenterio, and Outerlands’ Brett Cooper also get nods.
  9. Lists
    Vote Now for Food & Wine’s People’s Best New ChefThough the Bay Area dominates in the California region, L.A.’s Michael Voltaggio is most likely to win this popularity contest.
  10. Michelin Guide
    Michelin 2012: Benu, Baumé, and Saison Get Two Stars; Sons & Daughters,Also, Michael Mina returns to the guide at one star.
  11. The Other Critics
    Bauer Promotes Sons & Daughters to Three Stars; Unterman Lauds Criolla KitchenAlso, Reidinger weighs in on Boxing Room.
  12. The Other Critics
    Alan Richman Hearts S.F. Now, Calls New York RestaurantsThe ‘GQ’ critic says the Bay Area is now the region to watch for restaurants of ‘ambition and imagination.’
  13. Lists
    The Five Restaurants That Should Be in the 2011 Top 100, But Aren’tWe went there last year; we’ll go there again.
  14. Where to Eat
    Fig-Gate Behind Us, Bon App Pays Tribute to the S.F. RestaurantLook out for the tourists to take up a bunch of reservations at these nine restaurants this summer.
  15. Lists
    How Many New Restaurants Got Left Off of 7x7’s 2011 Big Eat List?Tartine’s on there twice but Una Pizza Napoletana doesn’t make the cut? We call bullshit.
  16. Culinary Twitterings
    Updated: Local Michelin Inspector Adores Sons & Daughters, Doesn’t TakeOur Twitter-happy local Michelin man also rather enjoyed Station 1.
  17. Lists
    Regarding All These Best Of the Year Lists, Including Kauffman’sWe think Jonathan Kauffman did a pretty good job summing things up.