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  1. news you can booze
    Remember SodaStream? It’s Now Turning Water Into Sparkling WineThe majority of testers supposedly like it “more than” Moet & Chandon.
  2. video feed
    Here’s SodaStream’s Very Odd, Extremely Long New AdPeople are very confused by the Game of Thrones–inspired spot.
  3. Bubbles
    SodaStream Will Close Its Controversial West Bank FactoryIt also wants in on the sparkling-water-making business.
  4. Tiny Bubbles
    Starbucks Rumored to Be in Talks for a Piece of SodaStreamA report claims the coffee giant will take a 10 percent stake.
  5. Soda Wars
    Nobody Wants to Buy SodaStreamPepsi and Coke aren’t interested.
  6. New Soda Wars
    PepsiCo Denies $2 Billion Offer to Buy SodaStreamA report indicates the two soft-drink giants have been meeting with the seltzer upstart.
  7. Soda Stream
    Coca-Cola Introduces Something Called Fruitwater, Which Is Definitely Not JuiceWash down your McDonald’s egg-white McMuffin and Burger King turkey burger.
  8. Sodastream
    Coca-Cola Changes Sprite Formula in U.K.; the U.S. Could Be NextThe new version’s made with stevia. Ew.
  9. Video Feed
    Here Is Coca-Cola’s First Anti-Obesity Ad, ‘Coming Together’“All calories count.”
  10. Tank You
    Why Has SodaStream Gotten So Aggressive All of a Sudden?All things go flat in good time.
  11. Mediavore
    South African Chicken Chain Targets Mugabe; Why You Need Salt in Your DietNando’s calls the nation’s leader “the last dictator standing” in a commercial that depicts him making snow-angels with Saddam Hussein.
  12. Mediavore
    Pheasant Hunt Disrupted by Unseasonable Weather; The Food World Is Full ofPlus: Not enough salt is almost as bad as too much; and this is why your kids are fat, all in our morning news roundup.