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  1. sustainability
    Spare Tonic Is Taking the Waste Out of WheyBy finding commercial value in a by-product of yogurt-making, a new canned beverage tackles food waste.
  2. bubbles
    Why the Soda Industry Is Grasping at StrawsSales are plummeting, and now Big Soda is looking for a savior (or some new seltzer).
  3. health concerns
    How Big Soda Companies Are Defeating Local Sugary-Drink TaxesWelcome to the weird world of preemption law.
  4. comebacks
    Slice, Everyone’s Sixth-Favorite Soda From the ’90s, Is Back — Sort OfGet ready for another LaCroix competitor.
  5. soda taxes
    Rest of World Is Closely Watching UAE’s New 50 Percent ‘Sin’ Tax on SodaA nation where 20 percent of people have diabetes now imposes the world’s highest sugary-drink tax.
  6. breaking bad news
    Meth-Laced 7Up Is Killing People in MexicoThe soda has been pulled from stores in the state of Baja California.
  7. comebacks
    Jolt Cola, Energy-Drink Pioneer From the ’80s, Is Coming BackIt still has “all the sugar and twice the caffeine.”
  8. stupid ideas
    People Are Now Using Coke As a Self-tanner Instead of Drinking ItSurprise: It’s probably not the best idea in the world.
  9. bubbles
    A New Citrus-Coffee Soda Is a Surprisingly Great Summer Alternative to Cold BrewKeepers Coffee Soda just might be the drink of the season.
  10. soda taxes
    Seattle Is America’s Latest City to Tax Sugary DrinksResidents will pay an extra $1.18 for a two-liter soda starting in July.
  11. whyyy?
    Pepsi Has Released a Cinnamon-Flavored Soda Tragically Called ‘Fire’Right now, it’s quarantined as a Slurpee flavor at 7-Eleven.
  12. it’ll rough you up
    Coca-Cola Insists It Made Coke ‘Healthy’ by Putting Fiber in ItIt boasts “five grams of indigestible dextrin.”
  13. sugar rush
    Mountain Dew Spill Creates ‘Huge Foaming Event’ at Pepsi PlantIt triggered the state’s Pollution Emergency Alert System.
  14. sugar water
    One of New York’s Favorite Sandwich Shops Now Has Its Own Line of Classic SodasThe Brooklyn shop will debut its own cola, ginger ale, and even a celery soda.
  15. health concerns
    Philly’s Soda Tax Has Cut Soft-Drink Sales by As Much As HalfRetailers say sales have dropped significantly in the first two months of the tax.
  16. soda taxes
    Philadelphians Are Throwing a Fit About Their New Soda TaxThey’re having trouble processing how sports drinks got more expensive than beer.
  17. probably not
    New Coke Ads Suggest Pairing Your Soda With Sushi and Lobster“It’s an Amateur Move to Limit Coca-Cola to Fast-Food.”
  18. video feed
    Forget Mentos — Start Mixing Your Cola With Liquid NitrogenThis is undoubtedly the most important development in food science this year.
  19. dumb ideas
    World One Step Closer to the Brink As Coke Introduces ‘Selfie Bottle’Who actually wants this?
  20. health concerns
    Coca-Cola Caught ‘Monitoring’ Its CriticsAfter funding pro-soda research, this is a bad look.
  21. Surprise! Soda Companies Are Paying Experts to Oppose Soda TaxesThe American Beverage Association was reimbursing dietitians for “their time” on social media.
  22. lawsuits
    Soda Industry Sues Philadelphia in Desperate Final Attempt to Kill the Drink TaxThe lawsuit argues it will “meaningfully diminish the everyday purchasing power of Philadelphia residents.”
  23. grub guides
    18 Classic American Sodas to Drink Before Summer’s OverHerbal Dr. Enuf, Blenheim’s ginger ale, Dublin Fru Fru Berry, and more.
  24. marketing fails
    Sprite Releases ‘Brutally Refreshing’ Ads That End Up Just Being MisogynisticSome of the winning lines include “She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo” and “A 2 at 10 is a 10 at 2!”
  25. health concerns
    Here’s Another Horrible Health Issue Linked to SodaPeople who drink two or more sodas a day are nearly twice as likely to get biliary-tract cancer.
  26. soda wars
    Pepsi Is Adding a Controversial Sweetener Back Into Its SodaGet ready for “Diet Pepsi Classic.”
  27. Looks Like A Drowned Rat
    Seeing a Rat Inside a Dr Pepper Bottle Is More Effective Than a Soda Tax“See?” say critics of soda everywhere.
  28. Bursting Bubbles
    There’s Now an Ecofriendly Way to Carbonate SodaA Swiss start-up says it’s in the middle of finalizing deals with Big Soda.
  29. Health Concerns
    Big Soda’s New Trick Is Charging Lazy Americans More for Smaller CansThe industry actually sold less by volume last year, but profits stayed the same.
  30. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola Is Still Funding Pro-Soda ‘Studies’Journalists debunked a recent report that Diet Coke helps people lose weight.
  31. Food Politics
    Mark Bittman Wants to Establish a National Drinking Age for Soda“You have to be sixteen to buy a Coke.”
  32. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola’s Sham Health-Research Group Is Officially DeadThe nonprofit is “discontinuing operations due to resource limitations.”
  33. Food Fight
    Utah’s ‘Dirty Soda’ Wars Are AmazingThere is a battle brewing over 44-ounce cups of Dr Pepper spiked with coconut syrup and half-and-half.
  34. Health Concerns
    Health Researchers Sent Coke Incriminating Emails“I want to help your company avoid the image of being a problem in peoples’ lives.”
  35. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola Spent More Than $100 Million on Its Sham ‘Health Research’The company listed the scientists and groups it has funded over the past five years.
  36. Resurgence
    The Surge Soda Comeback Takes Its Next Major StepThe Amazon “exclusive” just hit store shelves.
  37. Health Concerns
    CEO Says Coca-Cola Will Now Tell You If It Funds Fake Studies“We are determined to get this right.”
  38. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola to America: You’re Just Fat Because You Don’t ExerciseA new blockbuster report says the company has provided millions of dollars in funding for studies that downplay the role of caloric intake in weight gain.
  39. Health Concerns
    FDA Proposes Cigarettelike Warning Labels for SugarDrink a Coke? That’s your 100 percent for the day.
  40. Getting Crafty
    Pepsi Has a New Line of Wild-Sounding Craft Sodas“Stubborn Soda” comes in flavors like lemon berry açaí and black cherry with tarragon.
  41. Tiny Bubbles
    Starbucks Rumored to Be in Talks for a Piece of SodaStreamA report claims the coffee giant will take a 10 percent stake.
  42. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi Will Trot Out ‘Real Sugar’ Sodas This SummerWe prefer Cheerwine.
  43. Health Concerns
    Pepsi’s Caramel Coloring Still Contains CarcinogensMaybe Pepsi can’t beat the real thing, after all.
  44. Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar!
    Coming Soon to America: Stevia-Sweetened Coca-Cola LifeConsumers don’t trust aspartame.
  45. Food Court
    Woman Sues NYPD for Arresting Her After Sprite PurchaseAll she wanted was a soft drink.
  46. Mexicoke
    Soda Tax May Signal Death Knell for Mexican CokeAnd it’s all Bloomberg’s fault.
  47. Studies
    Soda Makes Kids More Violent, Says a New StudyFive-year-olds who drank four sodas a day were twice as likely to get into fights and break stuff.
  48. No Deposit No Return
    Twenty-Year-Old Can of Coke Tastes ‘Insanely Great’Next up: The Ancient Pepsi Challenge.
  49. Soda Wars
    Nobody Wants to Buy SodaStreamPepsi and Coke aren’t interested.
  50. 4-Mel
    Pepsi Unhelpfully Still Filled With Pesky CarcinogenThe news is particularly bad for those who drink 1,000 cans of soda a day (or more).
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