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Soda Taxes

  1. health concerns
    How Big Soda Companies Are Defeating Local Sugary-Drink TaxesWelcome to the weird world of preemption law.
  2. soda taxes
    Rest of World Is Closely Watching UAE’s New 50 Percent ‘Sin’ Tax on SodaA nation where 20 percent of people have diabetes now imposes the world’s highest sugary-drink tax.
  3. soda taxes
    Seattle Is America’s Latest City to Tax Sugary DrinksResidents will pay an extra $1.18 for a two-liter soda starting in July.
  4. health concerns
    Philly’s Soda Tax Has Cut Soft-Drink Sales by As Much As HalfRetailers say sales have dropped significantly in the first two months of the tax.
  5. big soda
    Somebody Hacked Mexico’s Soda-Tax Advocates with SpywareMexico is Coke’s biggest market in terms of per-capita consumption.
  6. soda taxes
    Philadelphians Are Throwing a Fit About Their New Soda TaxThey’re having trouble processing how sports drinks got more expensive than beer.
  7. soda taxes
    The Chicago Metro Area Is Getting a Soda Tax, TooA penny-per-ounce levy goes into effect for all of Cook County on July 1.
  8. soda taxes
    Voters Decisively Passed Soda Taxes in 4 More U.S. CitiesSugary drinks took a big hit in the Bay Area and Boulder.
  9. soda taxes
    Michael Bloomberg Has Reportedly Spent $18 Million Supporting a Soda TaxHe’s almost dropped as much as the entire soda industry.
  10. soda taxes
    Chicago’s Cook County Is Mulling a Soda Tax Now, TooThe 2017 budget could include a penny-per-ounce levy.
  11. lawsuits
    Soda Industry Sues Philadelphia in Desperate Final Attempt to Kill the Drink TaxThe lawsuit argues it will “meaningfully diminish the everyday purchasing power of Philadelphia residents.”
  12. Soda Taxes
    Philadelphia Is America’s First Big City With a Soda TaxResidents will pay 1.5 cents per ounce.
  13. Soda Taxes
    Philadelphia Is About to Pass America’s First Tax on Diet SodaThe measure adds 1.5 cents per ounce of every soda or sugary drink.
  14. Health Concerns
    Early Morning Highway Crash Demonstrates the Dangers of SodaThe resulting deluge of soda shut down a stretch of Route 422.