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Soda Ban

  1. Coke and Taxes
    Voters Overwhelmingly Approved America’s First Soda TaxTake a big gulp: It’s a penny per ounce.
  2. Soda Ban
    Mayor de Blasio Is Still Quietly Trying to Ban Your SodaHe’s holding “high-level meetings” on “the best way to reach that goal.”
  3. Fizzled
    The Soda Ban Is Really, Truly DeadThe city says the ruling “does not change the fact that sugary-drink consumption is a key driver of the obesity epidemic.”
  4. The Ban Is Back
    As Promised, de Blasio Hates Your Sugary Sodas As Much As Bloomberg DidCity lawyers vow they’ll fight for the ban in court this June.
  5. Soda Ban
    State Appeals Court Reviews New York’s Soda BanExactly three months after a judge struck down the ban.
  6. The Fizz
    Marin County Announces Summer-Long Soda BanThe driest county in the world.
  7. The Food Police
    California Considers Junk Food Ban On State Property Vending MachinesNaturally, alarmists are moaning about “nanny state tactics.”
  8. Soda Ban
    The New York Daily News Pushes for the Soda Ban’s ComebackBloomberg will be pleased.
  9. Modern Love
    Soda Judge Presides Over Wedding, Causes Couple to Fight About the BanModern love.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch Steve Carell Bring Letterman Double Gulp SodasIn honor of the ban on the soda ban.
  11. Reversals
    No More Soda Ban: State Judge Halts Sugary-Drink RegulationsCiting regulations “fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences,” a New York supreme court judge puts a stop to the soda ban.
  12. New Rules
    How, Exactly, the Sugary-Drink Ban Will Affect You [Update: It Won’t Affect YouCan you drink venti Frappuccinos the same way? What about marshmallow vodka? Gatorade? We’ve got all possible scenarios covered.
  13. Food Politics
    Who’s in Favor of Bloomberg’s Sugary Drink Ban?Not black voters. Not women. Not Brooklynites.
  14. Soda Ban
    Clubs Inconvenienced by Bloomberg’s BanBad day for bottle-service bros.
  15. Bans
    Soda Ban Opponents Now Include the NAACP and the Hispanic FederationThe NAACP and the Hispanic Federation argue the soda ban is also an issue of “racial fairness.”
  16. Food Politics
    The Soda-Ban Lessons Bloomberg Can Learn From Denmark’s Failed Fat TaxWhat Denmark’s fat-tax failure proved in very real, nontheoretical terms is that government edicts won’t do much to change people’s unhealthy eating habits.
  17. Fizzing Out
    Soda Manufacturers Fight for Their Right to Sell Large-Size SodasMr. Pibb goes to Washington.
  18. Exact Change
    Calorie Counts Coming to Soda Vending MachinesYou will never not know how many calories that Fanta has.
  19. Soda Ban
    New Nets Arena Will Play Along With Soda BanBruce Ratner says Barclays Center will get an early start on the ban.
  20. Fizz Away
    Not So Sweet: Board of Health Approves Soda BanAnything larger than a sixteen-ounce cup may soon be a collector’s item.
  21. Fizz
    National Restaurant Association Calls Upcoming Soda Ban ‘Confusion in aThat’s the whole point.
  22. Barbaric Gulps
    ‘Million Big Gulp March’ Proves We’re Still Awesome at WastingProtestors need soda!
  23. Soda Ban
    In Retaliation to Soda Ban, a ‘No Drink 4 U’ Banner HoversFizz be with you.
  24. Frisky Fresca
    Soda-Makers Spit on Bloomberg’s BanThe last straw.
  25. Health Concerns
    City Councilman Makes L.A. Feel Special With Our Own Little Soda BanMitch Englander suggests replacing the fizzy sweet stuff with water.
  26. Leglislature
    Soda Ban: Could Movie-Theater Popcorn Be Outlawed, Too?Maybe! But Big Gulps will still be okay under the proposed rule.
  27. Video Feed
    Watch Jon Stewart Compare the Legality of Pot and SodaPot will be a little more legal than Coke.
  28. Politics
    City Council Members Fighting for Their Right to Junk FoodIt’s possibly the world’s first political statement involving Fritos.
  29. Nutrition
    A Healthier Package for Mickey MouseBecause … it’s a fat world after all … it’s a fat world after all …
  30. Soda Ban
    7-Eleven Pretty Sure the Soda Ban Won’t Affect Big GulpsThere’s a leaky loophole.
  31. Video Feed
    Bloomberg Defends Soda Ban, Doughnut DayThe mayor picked a bad day to defend his soda ban.
  32. Video Feed
    Jon Stewart Takes On Bloomberg’s Soda BanThe ban combines “the draconian government overreach people love with the probable lack of results they expect.”
  33. Withdrawal
    Do We Really Need to Ban Soda?Seems as though the “ban” will be pretty easy to circumvent, so what’s the point?